If you want to create an online store using a well-liked and highly customizable eCommerce platform, Magento hosting is a great option. The open-source nature of the platform and its abundance of features that can be customized to meet your needs are what make it so popular.

Although there are many hosting providers that support Magento, it’s crucial to consider their other features as well. You should choose a hosting company that can ensure robust security, optimal performance, and ample resources.

We investigated and tested dozens of hosts in order to assist you in finding the ideal option. Find the top Magento hosting companies in terms of features, resources, cost, and other factors by reading on.


Personally, Kamatera is one of my favourites – whether it comes to Magento or any other CMS. It’s one of the pioneers of the VPS hosting industry, allowing for immediate deployments of various apps. Most importantly, you can rely on its cloud infrastructure to deliver optimal performance and speed.

Kamatera allows you to set up your Magento cloud VPS server in less than 60 seconds. You won’t have to pay upfront or commit to the long term. Instead, you can fully use the cloud, pay for what you use, and scale on-demand.

Kamatera delivers the ultimate flexibility – you can start with a single processor and move up to a cluster of 104-core, 512GB RAM servers. Therefore, it’s the perfect Magento cloud hosting solution for your expanding eCommerce store. You’ll pay for usage and don’t waste any assets on your way to success.


Personally, if I were looking for cheap Magento hosting, I would always select ASPHostPortal. While its Magento hosting is relatively cheaper than competitors, its quality remains the same. In turn, you can expect the best value for money!

ASPHostPortal offers Magento hosting on its cloud hosting plans, making it one of the fastest Magento hosting providers. The host delivers competitive pricing, regular discounts, and special offers. So, if you are price sensitive, it might as well be the perfect Magento host for your needs.

ASPHostPortal grants you the power of cloud computing with the simplicity and price of shared hosting. Each plan comes with a free domain and SSL, and you have 30 days to test the service out.


If you have decided to host your eCommerce store on Magento, InterServer can grant you the best feature set to do so. All plans include unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited websites, email, and more!

InterServer delivers the best Magento hosting packages with lightning-fast SSDs, cPanel, automatic backups, free migration, free SSL certificates, business email, auto-scaling, and frequent updates. You’ll also benefit from free themes and plugins, ease of use, unlimited products, free maintenance, and no hidden fees.

InterServer grants you comprehensive Magento hosting packages anyone could dream of – many supported payment gateways, unlimited products for your Magento store, and more.

Best Magento hosting FAQs

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