I get super annoyed by hearing other platforms stating alternative facts like “Ours is easy”. The fact is that every platform requires you to learn how to use it. Using it is the way to know and I have proven, live on stage, that Magento is easy, quick and efficient to install and run.

Magento is specially tailored for e-commerce companies that want to create streamlined and effective websites for their customers. With loads of customizable features, plugin extensions, Magento offers a robust interface for building quality sites with ease. Here are some reasons to consider Magento as your commerce solution.

1. Build Your Site in a Day

Magento allows users to create and publish websites in record time. If two experts can build an e-commerce site in an hour, imagine what a whole team of developers can do with your site in a matter of days. With features available right out of the box plus a wide range of plugins, new and old e-commerce companies alike can take advantage of Magento’s unrivaled speed and ease of use.

2. No Coding Required

This feature comes in handy for both experienced and new website builders who don’t want to constantly deal with pesky code. While it’s true that coding is necessary for the most customized designs, you actually don’t need to do any when creating your own site on Magento. In fact, the 40-minute build mentioned above didn’t include any coding whatsoever. With the current version of Magento Bluefoot and the upcoming Magento Pagebuilder, it will be easier than ever to build you Magento site without the need of a developer.

Using Magento gives users the best of both worlds: It allows for straightforward builds using prefabs as well as more complicated designs that implement unique features and plugins.

3. A Community that is Second to None

As one of the largest platforms for e-commerce solutions, there are countless developers and hosting providers who are familiar with Magento. Having such a large and established community means that you won’t have a hard time troubleshooting. With numerous expert relies on Magento’s online forums, you’ll have immediate access to common questions and quick fixes. This is an entire topic on it’s own and one that I will cover later, but the bottom line is you have the support of hundreds of thousands of dedicated Magentoites who are consistently making the platform better every day

4. Custom Features Abound

Other platforms limit their users to certain features that are available on their server. These features can become unavailable at any time, causing any sites using them to suddenly lose some functions. With Magento you actually get your own install of the software, so the features that come with it are yours forever. The amount of features is only limited to your imagination.

Magento is renowned for its incredible customization. The potential for new and exciting features has been one of the biggest factors in growing Magento’s developer community over the years. Magento has more functionality than ever, so it’s a great time to expand and update your website with new tools.

5. SEO Simplicity

With complete control over meta tags and URLs in the admin panel, you can maximize your site’s SEO. You can also easily integrate a blog into Magento, further improving the ranking of your website on search engines. This way, Magento can work in tandem to give your site the best sales and web traffic possible. Magento out of the box is second to none in SEO rankings. No Smoke and mirrors, just pure SEO simplicity.

6. Open Source Code

Oh, and did I mention that Magento’s source code is open? You don’t have to make a monetary investment before exploring designs for your new website. Magento offers more customization than most other platform with generic themes. You don’t have to settle for boring when you start a site with Magento; a basic understanding of the platform will allow you to make your website unique and low-cost. What this means is that you have the freedom to modify your code (Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce) anytime, anyway, anyhow!

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