Best nopCommerce 4.50.0 Cloud Hosting – nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce software that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. nopCommerce is a fully customizable shopping cart. It’s stable and highly usable. From downloads to documentation, offers a comprehensive base of information, resources, and support to the nopCommerce community.

Their development efforts were focused on moving nopCommerce to ASP.NET Core 2.0, performance, architecture improvements, further enhancements and fixing bugs. These release notes below don’t include all changes caused by migration to ASP.NET Core. There’s a separate upgrade guide for developers on how to migrate existing projects and plugins to this version because number of changes are really HUGE!!!

Re-designed and simplified admin area

  • They introduced absolutely new responsive design for admin area. It’s viewable on all mobile devices, enabling store management on-the-go.
  • They re-designed the product details page, which was very long and required much scrolling. They made two modes for this page: “basic” and “advanced” (a store owner can choose which settings will be displayed in “basic” mode). “Basic” mode shows the only minimum amount of settings needed for mundane work. By clicking the switch button, the page can be set to “Advanced” mode which shows all available fields.
  • For the setting pages they’ve chosen the most widely used settings (minimum list) and made them visible in “Basic” mode. By clicking the switch button, the page can be set to “Advanced” mode which shows all available settings.
  • The new admin area menu got search with autocomplete functionality. During the input, the search field will be expanded and will offer a list of matching menu items.
  • Now they have fully customizable dashboard that can be modified to show only reports the store owner needs.

You can play with the latest version on their demo sites.

Usage of several discounts simultaneously (cumulative discounts)

New nopCommerce version has a more flexible discount system. This time, they’ve made improvements and now multiple discounts can be used simultaneously, allowing more promotion campaigns to be more flexible. Just check the “Cumulative with other discounts” box on the discount details page and remember that it is usable only with the same discount type, while the discounts with different types are already cumulative.

“Color square” specification attribute type

Now the specification attributes can be displayed and filtered not only with digits and words but also with color blocks.

Conditional checkout attributes

In the previous version, they introduced conditional product attributes. Now they added the same support for checkout attributes. A store owner can specify a condition for a checkout attribute when this attribute should be visible depending on other attribute value. Conditional attributes that only appear if a previous attribute is selected, such as having an option for personalizing clothing with a name and only providing the text input box if the “Personalize” radio button is checked. It makes a complex task like adding a custom message or choosing the material of gift wrapping into an easy one.

“Image squares” product attribute

In addition to color squares, the image squares with user-uploaded images can be used as product attributes. A store owner can upload any image which will be displayed and selectable on the product details page.

Advanced in-store pickup

In this version we’ve improved in-store pickup support. Now a store manager can select multiple pickup points. The customer can pick up his goods from different stores. The map indicating the location of stores can be included too.

Ship to the same address

In the 90% of orders shipping address and billing address are the same. They noted that, and added the “Ship to the same address” checkbox to the “Billing Address” step during checkout.

Allow a store owner to configure custom RMA

The majority of store owners who have a return policy for their products provide the customer and RMA# that needs to be mentioned on the return package. Now a store owner can configure unique RMA# to be generated for each return request.

nopCommerce is open-source ecommerce solution. It’s stable and highly usable. nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce solution that is ASP.NET (MVC) based with a MS SQL 2008 (or higher) backend database. It has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times! easy-to-use shopping cart solution is uniquely suited for merchants that have outgrown existing systems, and may be hosted with your current web host or hosting partners. It has everything you need to get started in selling physical and digital goods over the internet. nopCommerce offers unprecedented flexibility and control.

Release Notes – nopCommerce 4.50.0

We’ve migrated nopCommerce to .NET 6 (the latest available version of .NET platform). No other major features have been introduced with this release as our development efforts were focused on architecture improvements, source code refactoring, further enhancements and fixing bugs.

Please note that nopCommerce 4.50 requires Visual Studio 2022 (17.0.0) or above, .NET 6 SDK (6.0.101), and ASP.NET Core Runtime (v6.0.1) – Windows Hosting Bundle.

If you’re upgrading nopCommerce to version 4.50 from one of the previous versions, please ensure that your connection string contains one of the following parameters: “Encrypt=false” or “TrustServerCertificate=True” (depending on your server requirements). You can manually add these parameters to your connection string in the \App_Data\appsettings.json file. This step is caused by the “Microsoft.Data.SqlClient” library that changed the default value of the “Encrypt” option from “false” to “true”.

Highlight features:

  • #5727 Upgrade to .NET 6
  • EasyPost integration
  • what3words integration


  • #4988 Web API plugin added (marketing)
  • #5871 PayPal Commerce plugin. Add Pay Later messages feature
  • #5734 Add support for CertCapture (Avalara)
  • #5041 Use “tel” and “email” types for inputs
  • #2061 Return request. Add “return to stock” button
  • #5204 Configurable sorting of shipping options
  • #5162 Allow to mark shipments as ready for pick-up (for “pick-up in store” orders)
  • #5510 Do not show “out of stock” by default for combinations without selected values
  • #5995 Order search default “ALL” in multiselect editor
  • #5698 Add setting to turn off order summarization on the admin order list page
  • #5696 Searching in message templates
  • #5997 Include message templates in search results when filtering by system names
  • #5951 Update the “powered by nopCommerce” hyperlink
  • #5895 Update referral links for Sendinblue plugin
  • #5838 Add notification about restart after changing language
  • #5854 Rename “Viet Nam” to “Vietnam”
  • #5796 Added a missing state for South Africa
  • #5681 Avalara tax plugin. Add a way to clear transaction log
  • #5679 Add markup to “specification group” names
  • #5659 Do not allow guests to enter news/blog comments if comments are disabled
  • #5654 Restart app after changing some settings
  • #5562 Product going to remove on shopping cart page when press enter key
  • #5551 Add setting to disable specification filters
  • #5532 Add a warning about CLDR when an admin changes a culture (language details page)
  • #5457 Add a new product specification attribute title missing
  • #5419 Login recover password should be display message notification / Front side
  • #5316 Add a message that the user is already logged in when he opens the login page again
  • #5208 Discounts. Add “basic” and “advanced” modes
  • #5155 Display a warning about uploaded but uninstalled plugins (admin area dashboard)
  • #5042 Update the “Help” menu in admin area
  • #6007 Do not allow to delete the only one template (category, manufacturer, product, topic)
  • #4948 Product reviews. Allow to remove the pre-selected rating value
  • #4905 Allow a store owner to limit the maximum order total that could be paid by reward points (in percent)
  • #4726 Display friendly enum names when exporting orders
  • #4363 Clear log with sliding windows
  • #4325 Validation of the “Delete (selected)” button in admin area
  • #3773 Date of birth should adjust with current culture
  • #3378 Rental date used only mm/dd/yy format and cannot use dd/mm/yy
  • #2674 Ensure CSS Bundling works in virtual directories
  • #2128 Support “returnUrl” parameter for “Change password” page
  • #5511 Store datasettings parameters in appsettings.json
  • #6053 Added a new “ManageAppSettings” permission


  • #6078 Add decimal values to OrderDetailsModel
  • #6065 #6052 Fix source code typos
  • #6063 Don’t encode external authentication info at customer edit page
  • #6013 UI issue in Google Authenticator Configure
  • #5976 “Warehouse” should be hidden when “Inventory method” is set to “Don’t track inventory
  • #5966 Use the SKU of product attribute combination when export order items
  • #5961 Refactoring DataTables view component
  • #5960 Performance optimization of \UpgradeTo450\LocalizationMigration.cs
  • #5957 Test failure on decimal comma culture
  • #5955 CopyProductService does not copy localized product spec attributes
  • #5952 Check typos for Cyrillic chars
  • #5927 Country ‘Croatia (HR)’ should be ‘Subject to VAT’
  • #5913 Add decimal values of Prices, Totals, Discounts etc. to shopping cart models
  • #5906 Encoding attachments when sending emails
  • #5890 Use invariant string conversions throughout the project
  • #5862 Remove LoadSettingsAsync method and those that depend on it as redundant
  • #5846 Use local variables for current customer and current store
  • #5845 Remove LayoutExtensions
  • #5837 Improve GetRouteName method
  • #5835 Find a way to ignore script tag location
  • #5834 Replace BundlerMinifier
  • #5822 Use zip archive for browscap.xml file
  • #5815 Installation resource names are incorrectly cased
  • #5803 Add required asterisk for review type editor
  • #5789 ECB exchange rate provider. Update URL
  • #5786 Fix the namespace of the AddOrderRewardPointsHistoryFK class
  • #5782 Fixed problem with checking permissions on UNIX when folder path contains space
  • #5772 Container ignores datasettings environment variables if datasettings.json does not exist
  • #5766 Added the ability to ignore a column for mapping (via [NotMapped]/[NotColumn] attributes)
  • #5763 SalesSummary report summary column date is not showing proper datetime in Persian language (fa-IR)
  • #5756 Arabic language does not save numerical fields
  • #5733 Inject product repository via ctor instead EngineContext in ProductAttributeService
  • #5717 Nop.Services public CRUD methods
  • #5700 Saving Catalogs will delete all ILocalized strings
  • #5695 Make IsTaxExemptAsync method public
  • #5687 PermissionService public methods
  • #5685 Return ShipmentItem CRUD into ShipmentService
  • #5680 Customer avatar thumbnail is not updated after new avatar uploaded
  • #5674 Changed decimal precision for entries to 4
  • #5666 Fix MIME types on picture uploads
  • #5637 Wrong text used for order confirm button on One Page Checkout
  • #5614 Use explicitly provided tuple name instead use of implicit ‘ItemX’ properties
  • #5584 Using .NET’s middleware to forward proxied headers onto the current request
  • #5571 Combine usage IDependencyRegistrar and INopStartup
  • #5568 CustomCustomerAttribute – Preselected value not working correct
  • #5549 Attribute naming discrepancy in nopSelect tag helper
  • #5547 First execution of a schedule task with a long period
  • #5546 Disallow links with returnUrl parameter in robots.txt
  • #5543 Don’t use comma-separated specification attribute values for ColorSquaresRgb
  • #5667 Renamed the ReaderWriteLokeType.cs file according to enum name
  • #5560 Rename GetProductsByProductAtributeIdAsync to GetProductsByProductAttributeIdAsync
  • #5351 Rename the AddLocaleResourceAsync method from LocalizationMigration to AddOrUpdateLocaleResourceAsync as it updates resources as well
  • #5529 LoadActivePluginsAsyncAsync method name is not correct
  • #5525 Replace “&” operator with “&&” operator into CheckUserFilePermissions
  • #5482 Avalara tax plugin. Too many GetTax API Calls
  • #5428 No icon for the “Plugins” menu item in the admin area
  • #5347 Consider a possibility to generate “toggle” js-functions for nested settings in the appropriate tag helper instead of doing this manually
  • #5310 Fix problem with compile Theme’s views
  • #5308 Add support HtmlPrefix for LocalizedEditor
  • #5288 Check using of IgnoreAntiforgeryToken and AutoValidateAntiforgeryToken attributes
  • #5154 Update Miniprofiler to the latest version
  • #5152 #3779 Add an opportunity to using custom attributes in nop tag helpers
  • #5138 Customize attachment name of Invoice
  • #5135 Change the logic of filtering reviews by store
  • #5097 Don’t use linq2db outside of Nop.Data
  • #5066 Replace EPPlus
  • #5031 Pass more models as additional data in widgets
  • #4880 Add the ability to serve static files with an unrecognized content type
  • #4791 Versioning of JavaScript and CSS bundles
  • #4725 Add new editor template for List in NopSelectTagHelper
  • #4630 Refactoring of RenderViewComponentToString method
  • #4048 Add Publishing ModelPrepared event for actions with Json result
  • #4002 Convert ShipmentTracker property to appropriate method in shipping plugins. Pass shipment as parameter in ShipmentTracker methods. Add some new fields for shipment status events
  • #3859 Rework Scheduled Tasks And Use IHostedService Instead
  • #3101 Move away from using the IEngine.Resolve() method wherever possible
  • #2828 Move all constants from services to separate classes


  • #6055 Issue with store mapping authorization check on multi-store setups
  • #6046 The numeric textbox doesn’t display negative numbers in Persian
  • #6040 Fixed problem with incorrectly unpublishing of products
  • #6029 HTML code is showing in wishlist when main product is added in wishlist and then add related product
  • #6023 Title was messed up with unicode languages
  • #6021 Excel export does not support all types of product attributes
  • #6027 Product sorting should respect localized product names (when sorting by name)
  • #6011 Fixed markup of Avalara plugin configuration page
  • #5990 Fixed applying estimate shipping for cart
  • #5889 GA ecommerce doesn’t work for products without categories
  • #5974 PayPalCommerce plugin. Fix rounding issue
  • #5911 PayPal Commerce plugin. Shipping address error when ordering a downloadable product
  • #5939 Hide “Sales summary” report from vendors
  • #5934 Basic/advanced mode doesn’t work on the message template and category pages
  • #5914 Microdata is incorrectly set to OutOfStock for grouped product
  • #5910 The “else” statement is missed in ReduceRewardPointsAsync
  • #5907 Estimate shipping not applying on the shopping cart page
  • #5894 RoxyFileman issue with Firefox (and performance enhancements)
  • #5886 SendContactUsMessageAsync does not include sender name and email
  • #5878 Replies to anonymous product reviews don’t work
  • #5872 A product attribute value can be removed even if it participates in a product attribute combination
  • #5866 Fix products search with multiple warehouses
  • #5852 CLDR files are not loaded in virtual directories
  • #5833 Facebook Pixel plugin. ArgumentNullException
  • #5821 Default tax address saving issue
  • #5820 Migrations don’t update locale resources properly
  • #5819 Roxy Fileman unable to delete not image files
  • #5805 Adding new migration in Nop-Data makes most tests fail
  • #5791 robots.txt pointing to wrong sitemap in multi-language store
  • #5790 TinyMCE language did not work
  • #5784 Localization migration issues in case of multiple languages
  • #5774 Incorrect order search in the admin area
  • #5757 ReduceRewardPoints should not recalculate points
  • #5612 RemotePost.Post Payment Plugin FAIL Headers are read-only, response has already started
  • #5580 Migration runner MigrateUp can execute unapplied older and skipped migrations
  • #3192 non-ASCII chars in URL don’t work

Why you should choose Best Cloud ASP.NET Hosting for nopCommerce 4.50.0?

nopCommerce has a wealth of features and capabilities designed to help you launch powerful e-commerce solutions. its included all the necessary tools required to build a successful e-commerce store

nop-Commerce is free where you can use without cost any money, not only free but it’s also have good community support, since open source makes this CMS improves a lot.

nop-commerce had bunch of useful features for your online shop, from a standard features like catalogue, shopping cart and check out to the interesting features like affiliation nopCommerce, Checkout anonymous, Blog nopCommerce, Forum and also SEF where you can makes URL automatically

Easy to use
nopCommerce is easy to use, more than thousand e-commerce sites using this CMS, that’s also a proof that nopCommerce is easy to use.

A lot of Source code refactrung (C# code, CSS, HTML markup)

Facebook external Authentication
plugin now support multi store configuration As I seen the biggest reason you should using nop-commerce, cause it’s Feature, nop-commerce brings you so many feature you cannot ignore.

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Conclusion as The Best and Affordable nopCommerce Hosting

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