BestCloudHostingASP.NETBest and affordable Umbraco 8.1 hosting provider. The latest version of Umbraco is 8.1. Umbraco has been designed to make you as productive as possible. This shmeans it’s fast, beautiful and easy to use so you can focus on getting your message out to your peers, not how the technology works.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open source web content management system that was originally developed by Niels Hartvig around 2003. It runs on Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology and uses a sql server database for storage. Umbraco is a completely free and open-source content management solution written in C#, Umbraco is a robust solution for your Web publishing needs. Umbraco can be deployed on Windows Server only, so Linux hosting provider doesn’t support this CMS.

Umbraco is different from other content management systems because it is allows for more customization. Umbraco gives you the best of both worlds: freedom and flexibility to choose how you want your website to look, without the hassle of actually creating the site yourself.

Advantages of Using Umbraco as your Content Management System

Used as the Content Management System (CMS) for thousands of websites — including Heinz — Umbraco is an excellent choice for enterprise-sized businesses. It’s usability is virtually endless because it runs on an platform.

Open Source Code

Umbraco uses open source code, which means it is free. There is some expense, however — you still need a savvy technical staff to use it. But that is the case for other content management systems as well. Content management systems are difficult to use in general at the enterprise level, but Umbraco is a helpful tool and developers are not limited by its framework. Some other content management systems have complicated backend data storage for content and media. When choosing a CMS, it is important to consider whether or not your development decisions will be dictated by your CMS — or if the CMS gives you room to run.

Microsoft Friendly

Because Umbraco is written in C# and deployed on the Microsoft platform, it works completely seamlessly with virtually any Microsoft product. For example, it integrates with Microsoft Word so any content updates you make in Word can be automatically applied to your website (if you choose to do so).

Responsive User Interface

One of the most popular features is Umbraco’s mobile responsive user interface (UI). You can make content changes directly from your phone or tablet. It is just as fast as Tweeting or updating your Facebook status. The user interface is quite intuitive and does not require vast technical knowledge. Umbraco renders just like an HTML page and you can copy and paste within it.

API Capabilities

Umbraco has API capabilities that are built in natively using .NET, while other content management’s API is an add-on module. Another difference is API that is read-only and limited to content supported by their content API. In contrast, Umbraco allows you to theoretically do anything you can program a module to do — including creating and deleting content.

Community Support

And there are Umbraco’s user resources, including a vibrant online community of IT specialists and more than 100 video tutorials on their website. They also offer a fee-based premium support service.

What Is Umbraco 8.1?

The Umbraco CMS is already the number 1 full-featured .NET open-source content management system on the planet, and version 8.1 makes “The Friendly CMS” easier and better than ever! With Umbraco 8.1, businesses of any size will be able to build custom websites, apps, and other digital assets, that more effectively deliver content to attract, inform, and convert their most coveted target audiences and prospects!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a developer, marketer, or content editor – Umbraco 8.1 will give you full control over the digital web experience that you’re looking to give your audiences. From new features to integrations, Umbraco 8.1 gives you the ability to create the branded universe you want, every time.

New Features:

  • 3957 – Add keyboard support for slider
  • 3985 – v8 – Update slider in image cropper
  • 4371 – v8: Support 2 letter and 5 letter lang files in App_Plugins dir
  • 4417 – v8: Set root node name in file picker
  • 4427 – V8: TextString limitation
  • 4515 – V8 — make login screen fit new brand identity
  • 4590 – v8: IFactory should itself be resolvable
  • 4654 – v8: Angular routing should be case insensitive
  • 4683 – V8 Multilanguage as folders and variants
  • 4686 – Adjust naming in Nested Content configuration to fit ElementType
  • 4746 – v8: Ability to show the Content App first instead of the List View App
  • 4756 – V8: Users section should remember choice of layout
  • 4759 – Change format of LocalizedText file to reduce page weight
  • 4790 – v8 – uduf – Implement Content and Media Udi[] overloads
  • 4837 – Support getting multiple members by id
  • 4839 – v8: Missing extension methods to get siblings
  • 4894 – V8: Strengthen Babel’s browser targets to only include supported browsers
  • 4905 – Update picker in Multi Node TreePicker to match other pickers
  • 4924 – MNTP – when using “Allow items of type” show a tooltip on hover which types are allowed to be selected.
  • 4940 – Save a media reference in RTE instead of media URL in property editors
  • 4942 – Create media Url provider
  • 4949 – Grid Settings Row configuration missing Save button
  • 5077 – v8: Make Permission angular component more generic
  • 5123 – Update RTE to use data-UDI attribute for images
  • 5212 – Move IsVisible from IPublishedContent to IPublishedElement
  • 5229 – v8: ICreateBuilder PrimaryKey should allow non clustered config
  • 5292 – Umbraco 8 HSTS Default Setting
  • 5319 – V8: Nested Content should have a ‘no blueprint’-state
  • 5327 – V8: I would like to use the umbraco confirm dialog for deleting a nested content entry
  • 5349 – Video not playable in Umbraco 8 backoffice
  • 5350 – v8: Make TypeCollectionBuilderBase chainable
  • 5370 – V8 Settings – Remove old ‘Editors Manual’ link from the ‘Start Here’ dashboard message
  • 5406 – v8: Add empty state in user layout views
  • 5443 – V8: Make the save-options available by keyboard
  • 5485 – U8 Macros alphabetical order
  • 5528 – V8 – Install local package gives error: incorrect version
  • 5561 – V8: Make more helpful message than “there are no allowed document types available”
  • 5584 – V8: Datepicker doesn’t allow copy and paste
  • 5727 – Accidental click outside of a dialog closes the dialog, and changes are lost
  • 5749 – Need to prepare MB future
  • 2441 – Ignore user start nodes option in pickers
  • 4904 – Update the umbraco ascii art
  • 4945 – Patch/update published content request comments
  • 4983 – V8: Use umb-checkbox in the delete mediatype confirm
  • 4984 – V8: Use umb-checkbox in the delete datatype confirm
  • 4985 – V8: Use umb-checkbox in the delete membertype confirm
  • 4986 – V8: Use umb-checkbox for “open in new window” in the link picker
  • 5006 – V8: Use umb-checkbox for user filters
  • 5029 – V8: Add optional culture parameter to UrlAbsolute extension
  • 5085 – V8: Use “group” instead of “tab” on Nested Content config
  • 5086 – V8: Remove unused translations from area “editcontenttype”
  • 5097 – V8: Improve notifications save button style and interaction
  • 5109 – V8: Updated Constant.System.Root references (to use correct constant, and others)
  • 5116 – V8: Add back button to listviews in media
  • 5119 – V8: Use umb-checkbox for RTE configuration
  • 5138 – Make XmlHelper class public again
  • 5158 – V8: Add back button to listviews for members
  • 5252 – V8: Allow sorting manually by name in listviews
  • 5256 – V8: Add busy state to <umb-confirm/> OK button
  • 5287 – V8: Send notifications for changes in permissions
  • 5288 – V8: Send notifications for changes in public access
  • 5301 – V8: Send notifications for content rollback
  • 5304 – V8: Login form accessibility improvements and form input tabbed focus styles
  • 5309 – V8: Always show content and media search results first
  • 5320 – Re-adding outline to the umb-button__button for focus states
  • 5333 – #5277 Adding correct button element,styling to remove default styles
  • 5353 – V8: ClipboardService + implementation for nested content
  • 5358 – V8: Allow localizing content types and properties using language files
  • 5369 – V8: Default nested content item names to the item type name
  • 5447 – V8: Prompt to save changes after pasting items into Nested Content
  • 5450 – Login errors are not identified for screen reader users
  • 5454 – V8: Don’t load the breadcrumb twice when editing content
  • 5456 – V8/feature/5443 add publish menu hotkeys
  • 5458 – Menu items have insufficient focus (tab) states
  • 5460 – V8: Use umb-load-indicator when loading the RTE
  • 5463 – V8: Add auto-focus to the default action in overlay dialogs
  • 5465 – V8: UX update for content/media sort dialog
  • 5500 – V8: Add keyboard support for navigating search results
  • 5506 – V8: Use a picker to select allowed types for MNTP
  • 5548 – V8: Automatically hide the context menu after reloading a node
  • 5549 – V8: Don’t show “Reload” for list view nodes
  • 5558 – Added a check for and delete descendants when deleting a dictionary item
  • 5560 – V8: Add option to keep the mini profiler active at all times in debug mode
  • 5567 – V8: Support negative values for integer and decimal property editors
  • 5618 – Icon Constants consistency
  • 5623 – Prevent deletion of System DataTypes
  • 5664 – V8: Accessibility improvements for textbox validation
  • 5690 – V8: Fix confirmation for permissions dialog
  • 5701 – Fix secondary menu item accessibility
  • 5710 – Highlight when tabbing to umb-toggle
  • 5729 – V8: Make the content tree keyboard accessible
  • 5731 – Add Giphy embed provider support
  • 5748 – Prepare MB future

Why choose Umbraco 8.1 Hosting for Your Site?

Here are several reason why use Umbraco 8.1 hosting

Easy-to-use interface

The platform prides itself on being extremely intuitive and fast, which makes it an appealing platform for non-developer, non-designer users. Translation: Less time learning technology equals more time focusing on your business.

Easy to customize

Umbraco allows designers to build websites that are equal parts beautiful and customizable.

Good support system

Getting things fixed on your website is a lot easier thanks to Umbraco’s support tools. Users have access to a library of over 100 video tutorials as well as an Umbraco wiki filled with step-by-step tutorials. (If you’re willing to dish out some cash, Umbraco also offers a premium support service for around $4000)

Best Cloud Umbraco 8.1 Hosting Recommendation

After reviewed over 30+ Windows hosting companies. In shared hosting, we found DiscountService is the best solution for Umbraco 8.1 hosting .

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Selecting the Best and Cheap Australia Umbraco 8.1 Hosting

logo_umbraco (1)

There are many hosts out there that will meet the software and server requirements; however, software is only the beginning of the actual list of requirements. You need to find a host that works on high power server hardware, which includes at least 2 CPUs having 4 cores each, adding up to 8.1 cores. Your hard disk needs to have a RAID 10 configuration with a minimum of 8.1 GB RAM. This will ensure your site’s high speed.

Many people opting for Umbraco hosting tend to believe that the best Umbraco hosting must be expensive. It is agreed that hosting a Umbraco based site will need more resources than the normal HTML one, hence Umbraco hosting being more expensive. Luckily for all of us, this may not be the case all the time. Therefore, we have established this Umbraco review site, which is designed to help you find the best and cheap Umbraco hosting within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ Umbraco hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

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