BestCloudHostingASP.NET | Best and Affordable MediaWiki 1.33.0 hosting recommendation. MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki application. It was originally developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and runs on many websites, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons.

When a user submits an edit to a page, MediaWiki writes it to the database, but without deleting the previous versions of the page, thus allowing easy reverts in case of vandalism or spamming. MediaWiki can manage image and multimedia files, too, which are stored in the filesystem. For large wikis with lots of users, MediaWiki supports caching and can be easily coupled with Squid proxy server software.

More bundled extensions

The set of extensions that are bundled with the MediaWiki tarball has increased. The new additions are:

  • CategoryTree
  • CodeEditor provides a more friendly editor when editing CSS and JavaScript on-wiki.
  • MultimediaViewer provides a lightbox viewer for images and galleries.
  • OATHAuth provides two-factor authentication for wiki accounts.
  • Replace Text provides a form to let administrators do string replacements on the entire wiki, for both page contents and page titles.

The Nuke extension was not included in the tarball for MediaWiki 1.33.0 by mistake. If you want to use this extension, please download the extension separately. This will be fixed in the next MediaWiki release.


Timeless skin

Timeless is a new, responsive skin for MediaWiki, and is now bundled.

CologneBlue and Modern

The CologneBlue and Modern skins are no longer bundled, although are still compatible with MediaWiki. If you are upgrading and had that skin installed, be sure to download it separately.

Tidy replaced with HTML 5 parsing algorithm

See the frequently asked questions for more details

The HTML 4 based Tidy library has been replaced by a pure-PHP HTML 5 parser named RemexHtml to clean up improper wikitext in a modern and standards compliant way. If your content relied on some of the tidy fix-ups that are not being continued, they will need to be fixed.

You can use the Linter extension in conjunction with Parsoid to identify pages with problems that cause differences in rendering with the RemexHtml parser. The ParserMigration extension shows editors a side-by-side comparison of rendering with tidy and RemexHtml.

Interwiki usernames

MediaWiki now supports “interwiki” usernames in a format like “iw>Example” in revisions, log entries, and so on. This allows for properly recording imports and events from foreign wikis (as generated by Wikibase, for example) without confusion with a local account that exists now or may be created in the future.

  • (task T9240) Imports will now record unknown (and, optionally, known) usernames in a format like “iw>Example“.
  • (task T20209) Linker (used on history pages, log pages, and so on) will display usernames formed like “iw>Example” as interwiki links, as if by wikitext like [[iw:User:Example|iw>Example]].

Further UI standardization

TODO: Expand this
  • As a first pass in standardizing dialog boxes across the MediaWiki product, Html class now provides helper methods for messageBox, successBox, errorBox and warningBox generation.

Other feature changes

  • Add default edit rate limit of 90 edits/minute for all users. This can be changed by setting $wgRateLimits.
  • (task T143790) $wgEmailConfirmToEdit only affects edit actions.
  • (task T76554) User sub-pages named ….json are now protected in the same way that ….js and ….css pages are, so that configuration options can safely be placed there.
  • (task T181651) The info page for File pages now displays the file’s base-16 SHA1 hash value in the table of basic information.
  • (task T189785) The pingback feature will now send a monthly heartbeat ping to identify active wikis.
  • (task T19099) Tabs which link to pages that don’t exist (like those to uncreated discussion pages) now have a tooltip to indicate state, not just colour.

Languages updated in 1.31

MediaWiki supports over 350 languages. Many localisations are updated regularly. Below only new and removed languages are listed, as well as changes to languages because of Phabricator reports.

  • (task T180052) Mirandese (mwl) now supports gendered NS_USER/NS_USER_TALK.
  • (task T182305) New language support: Nyungar (nys).
  • (task T186359) New language support: Siberian Tatar [cебертатар] (sty).
  • (task T186635) New language support: Guianan Creole (gcr).
  • (task T186647) New language support: Kumyk [къумукъ] (kum).
  • (task T187750) New language support: Spanish formal address (es-formal).
  • (task T187824) New language support: Hungarian formal address (hu-formal).
  • (task T189127) New language support: Gorontalo (gor).

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