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Node.js is a runtime system for creating (mostly) server-side applications. It’s best known as a popular means for JavaScript coders to build real-time Web APIs.

But Node.js is not a JavaScript framework; indeed, several authors have written excellent frameworks specifically for Node.js, including Express.js, Restify.js, and Hapi.js. So what exactly is this phenomenon finding its way into Web applications, operating systems wrappers, microcontrollers, and robots?

At it’s core, Node.js is a stripped-down, highly customizable server engine — a proto-server, if you will — because out of the box it doesn’t do anything until you set it up. This proto-server processes in a loop, ready to accept and respond to requests. Any of those requests themselves may initiate other requests to some other part of the system, such as to read a file off of disk or to send a signal to spin a motor on a robot arm. That loop, known as the event loop, is the “runtime” part.

Node.js ships with workhorse connectors and libraries such as those relating to HTTP, SSL, compression, filesystem access, and raw TCP and UDP. JavaScript, already tuned for a Web browser’s event loop environment for GUI and network events, is a great language for wiring up these connectors. You can snap connectors onto the event loop almost as easily as you can snap Lego parts together. Doing so lets you create a simple, dynamic Web server in just a few lines of JavaScript.

What is New in Node.js v12?

Notable Changes

  • assert:
    • validate required arguments (Ruben Bridgewater) #26641
    • adjust loose assertions (Ruben Bridgewater) #25008
  • async_hooks:
    • remove deprecated emitBefore and emitAfter (Matteo Collina) #26530
    • remove promise object from resource (Andreas Madsen) #23443
  • bootstrap: make Buffer and process non-enumerable (Ruben Bridgewater) #24874
  • buffer:
    • use stricter range checks (Ruben Bridgewater) #27045
    • harden SlowBuffer creation (ZYSzys) #26272
    • harden validation of buffer allocation size (ZYSzys) #26162
    • do proper error propagation in addon methods (Anna Henningsen) #23939
  • child_process:
    • remove options.customFds (cjihrig) #25279
    • harden fork arguments validation (ZYSzys) #27039
    • use non-infinite maxBuffer defaults (kohta ito) #23027
  • console: don’t use ANSI escape codes when TERM=dumb (Vladislav Kaminsky) #26261
  • crypto:
    • remove legacy native handles (Tobias Nießen) #27011
    • decode missing passphrase errors (Tobias Nießen) #25208
    • remove Cipher.setAuthTag() and Decipher.getAuthTag() (Tobias Nießen) #26249
    • remove deprecated crypto._toBuf() (Tobias Nießen) #25338
    • set DEFAULT\_ENCODING property to non-enumerable (Antoine du Hamel) #23222
  • deps:
    • update V8 to (Michaël Zasso, cjihrig, Refael Ackermann, Anna Henningsen, Ujjwal Sharma) #26685
    • bump minimum icu version to 63 (Ujjwal Sharma) #25852
    • update OpenSSL to 1.1.1b (Sam Roberts, Shigeki Ohtsu) #26327
  • errors: update error name (Ruben Bridgewater) #26738
  • fs:
    • use proper .destroy() implementation for SyncWriteStream (Matteo Collina) #26690
    • improve mode validation (Ruben Bridgewater) #26575
    • harden validation of start option in createWriteStream() (ZYSzys) #25579
    • make writeFile consistent with readFile wrt fd (Sakthipriyan Vairamani (thefourtheye)) #23709
  • http:
    • validate timeout in ClientRequest() (cjihrig) #26214
    • return HTTP 431 on HPE_HEADER_OVERFLOW error (Albert Still) #25605
    • switch default parser to llhttp (Anna Henningsen) #24870
    • Runtime-deprecate outgoingMessage._headers and outgoingMessage._headerNames (Morgan Roderick) #24167
  • lib:
    • remove Atomics.wake() (Gus Caplan) #27033
    • move DTRACE_* probes out of global scope (James M Snell) #26541
    • deprecate _stream_wrap (Sam Roberts) #26245
    • use ES6 class inheritance style (Ruben Bridgewater) #24755
  • module:
    • remove unintended access to deps/ (Anna Henningsen) #25138
    • improve error message for MODULE_NOT_FOUND (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #25690
    • requireStack property for MODULE_NOT_FOUND (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #25690
    • remove dead code (Ruben Bridgewater) #26983
    • make require('.') never resolve outside the current directory (Ruben Bridgewater) #26973
    • throw an error for invalid package.json main entries (Ruben Bridgewater) #26823
    • don’t search in require.resolve.paths (cjihrig) #23683
  • net:
    • remove Server.listenFD() (cjihrig) #27127
    • do not add .host and .port properties to DNS error (Ruben Bridgewater) #26751
    • emit “write after end” errors in the next tick (Ouyang Yadong) #24457
    • deprecate _setSimultaneousAccepts() undocumented function (James M Snell) #23760
  • os:
    • implement os.type() using uv_os_uname() (cjihrig) #25659
    • remove os.getNetworkInterfaces() (cjihrig) #25280
  • process:
    • make global.process, global.Buffer getters (Guy Bedford) #26882
    • move DEP0062 (node –debug) to end-of-life (Joyee Cheung) #25828
    • exit on –debug and –debug-brk after option parsing (Joyee Cheung) #25828
    • improve --redirect-warnings handling (Ruben Bridgewater) #24965
  • readline: support TERM=dumb (Vladislav Kaminsky) #26261
  • repl:
    • add welcome message (gengjiawen) #25947
    • fix terminal default setting (Ruben Bridgewater) #26518
    • check colors with .getColorDepth() (Vladislav Kaminsky) #26261
    • deprecate REPLServer.rli (Ruben Bridgewater) #26260
  • src:
    • remove unused INT_MAX constant (Sam Roberts) #27078
    • update NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 72 (Ujjwal Sharma) #26685
    • remove AddPromiseHook() (Anna Henningsen) #26574
    • clean up MultiIsolatePlatform interface (Anna Henningsen) #26384
    • properly configure default heap limits (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #25576
    • remove icuDataDir from node config (GauthamBanasandra) #24780
  • tls:
    • support TLSv1.3 (Sam Roberts) #26209
    • return correct version from getCipher() (Sam Roberts) #26625
    • check arg types of renegotiate() (Sam Roberts) #25876
    • add code for ERR_TLS_INVALID_PROTOCOL_METHOD (Sam Roberts) #24729
    • emit a warning when servername is an IP address (Rodger Combs) #23329
    • disable TLS v1.0 and v1.1 by default (Ben Noordhuis) #23814
    • remove unused arg to createSecureContext() (Sam Roberts) #24241
    • deprecate Server.prototype.setOptions() (cjihrig) #23820
    • load NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS at startup (Ouyang Yadong) #23354
  • util:
    • remove util.print()util.puts()util.debug() and util.error() (cjihrig) #25377
    • change inspect compact and breakLength default (Ruben Bridgewater) #27109
    • improve inspect edge cases (Ruben Bridgewater) #27109
    • only the first line of the error message (Simon Zünd) #26685
    • don’t set the prototype of callbackified functions (Ruben Bridgewater) #26893
    • rename callbackified function (Ruben Bridgewater) #26893
    • increase function length when using callbackify() (Ruben Bridgewater) #26893
    • prevent tampering with internals in inspect() (Ruben Bridgewater) #26577
    • prevent Proxy traps being triggered by .inspect() (Ruben Bridgewater) #26241
    • prevent leaking internal properties (Ruben Bridgewater) #24971
    • protect against monkeypatched Object prototype for inspect() (Rich Trott) #25953
    • treat format arguments equally (Roman Reiss) #23162
  • win, fs: detect if symlink target is a directory (Bartosz Sosnowski) #23724
  • zlib:
    • throw TypeError if callback is missing (Anna Henningsen) #24929
    • make “bare” constants un-enumerable (Anna Henningsen) #24824

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Node.js® v12 Frameworks
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Node.js® v12 Trust Level
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Powerful Control panel
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They are consider more about the supported SQL Server version and limitation. The preferred SQL Server is 2008 however most of web hosts support Express edition only. Actually it’s completely enough for websites hosted with shared web hosting.

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