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Node.js is a runtime system for creating (mostly) server-side applications. It’s best known as a popular means for JavaScript coders to build real-time Web APIs.

But Node.js is not a JavaScript framework; indeed, several authors have written excellent frameworks specifically for Node.js, including Express.js, Restify.js, and Hapi.js. So what exactly is this phenomenon finding its way into Web applications, operating systems wrappers, microcontrollers, and robots?

At it’s core, Node.js is a stripped-down, highly customizable server engine — a proto-server, if you will — because out of the box it doesn’t do anything until you set it up. This proto-server processes in a loop, ready to accept and respond to requests. Any of those requests themselves may initiate other requests to some other part of the system, such as to read a file off of disk or to send a signal to spin a motor on a robot arm. That loop, known as the event loop, is the “runtime” part.

Node.js ships with workhorse connectors and libraries such as those relating to HTTP, SSL, compression, filesystem access, and raw TCP and UDP. JavaScript, already tuned for a Web browser’s event loop environment for GUI and network events, is a great language for wiring up these connectors. You can snap connectors onto the event loop almost as easily as you can snap Lego parts together. Doing so lets you create a simple, dynamic Web server in just a few lines of JavaScript.

What is New in Node.js v7.7.3?

You may have noticed that the v6 release uses the label Current instead of Stable. This name change has been made in order to better differentiate the Long Term Support releases from the current active development branches.

Notable changes

  • doc: add Daijiro Wachi to collaborators
  • tty: add ref() so process.stdin.ref() etc. work
  • util: fix inspecting symbol key in string


  • [f56ca30bf0] – benchmark,build,doc,lib,src,test: correct typos
  • [02dbae6b3f] – buffer: refactor Buffer.prototype.inspect()
  • [e5b530cb62] – build: fix llvm version detection in freebsd-10
  • [ed6d7412a7] – deps: fix CLEAR_HASH macro to be usable as a single statement
  • [039a1a97d8] – dns: minor refactor of dns module
  • [3b27b8da9d] – doc: fixed readable.isPaused() version annotation
  • [84028888db] – doc: fix broken URL to event loop guide
  • [d5c436311c] – doc: remove Locked from stability index
  • [986d391066] – doc: unlock module
  • [d06dbf03cc] – doc: fix misleading ASCII comments
  • [98d33282d9] – doc: add Daijiro Wachi to collaborators
  • [3e79dffd2c] – doc: fix WHATWG URL url.protocol example
  • [e468cd3ee7] – doc: argument types for console methods
  • [83c7b245e2] – doc: fix typo in stream doc
  • [a0c117ba95] – doc: fixup errors.md
  • [b116830d64] – doc: add link to references in net.Socket
  • [b968491dc2] – doc: document WHATWG IDNA methods’ error handling
  • [d329abf1c6] – doc: use common malformed instead of misformatted
  • [11aea2662f] – doc: fix typo in STYLE_GUIDE.md
  • [f972bd81c6] – inspector: libuv notification on incoming message
  • [a7eba9c71c] – meta: move WORKING_GROUPS.md to CTC repo
  • [5963566367] – meta: remove out of date ROADMAP.md file
  • [b56e851c48] – net: refactor overloaded argument handling
  • [13cb8a69e4] – net: remove misleading comment
  • [e2133f3e57] – os: improve cpus() performance
  • [821d713a38] – src: remove outdated FIXME in node_crypto.cc
  • [1b6ba9effb] – src: do not ignore IDNA conversion error
  • [fdb4a6c796] – test: skip the test with proper TAP message
  • [5df9110178] – test: check the origin of the blob URLs
  • [b4dcb26681] – test: changed test1 of test-vm-timeout.js
  • [f69685be65] – test: remove obsolete eslint-disable comment
  • [a4d14363a9] – test: fix args in parallel/test-fs-null-bytes.js
  • [8377374754] – test: fix tests when npn feature is disabled
  • [1445e282c3] – test: add test-buffer-prototype-inspect
  • [00dd20c173] – test: fix flaky test-https-agent-create-connection
  • [91a222de99] – test: enable max-len for test-repl
  • [924b785d50] – test: fix test-internal-util-assertCrypto regex
  • [cdee945307] – test: improve https coverage to check create connection
  • [4f9253686d] – test: apply strict mode in test-repl
  • [2601c06486] – test: skip tests with common.skip
  • [6a5d96164a] – test: more comprehensive IDNA test cases
  • [163d2d1624] – timers: unlock the timers API
  • [d6ac192fa3] – tls: fix macro to check NPN feature
  • [ac3deb1481] – tools: remove NODE_PATH from environment for tests
  • [3c54f8199c] – tty: add ref() so process.stdin.ref() etc. work
  • [24e6fcce8b] – url: use hasIntl instead of try-catch
  • [7b84363636] – util: fix inspecting symbol key in string

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Node.js® v7.7.3 Frameworks
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Node.js® v7.7.3 Trust Level
It’s the configuration in IIS for your websites. The best flexible option is Full Trust that you don’t worry the websites cannot run successfully in the shared web host. And the balanced option between security and flexibility is Medium if you’re experienced on Node.js® v7.7.3 debugging, deployment and you’re sensitive on the security and server reliability.

Powerful Control panel
The control panel should be easy to configure Node.js® v7.7.3 stuff such as .net versions switch, trust level management and script map etc.

They are consider more about the supported SQL Server version and limitation. The preferred SQL Server is 2008 however most of web hosts support Express edition only. Actually it’s completely enough for websites hosted with shared web hosting.

Customer support
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