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Node.js is a runtime system for creating (mostly) server-side applications. It’s best known as a popular means for JavaScript coders to build real-time Web APIs.

But Node.js is not a JavaScript framework; indeed, several authors have written excellent frameworks specifically for Node.js, including Express.js, Restify.js, and Hapi.js. So what exactly is this phenomenon finding its way into Web applications, operating systems wrappers, microcontrollers, and robots?

At it’s core, Node.js is a stripped-down, highly customizable server engine — a proto-server, if you will — because out of the box it doesn’t do anything until you set it up. This proto-server processes in a loop, ready to accept and respond to requests. Any of those requests themselves may initiate other requests to some other part of the system, such as to read a file off of disk or to send a signal to spin a motor on a robot arm. That loop, known as the event loop, is the “runtime” part.

Node.js ships with workhorse connectors and libraries such as those relating to HTTP, SSL, compression, filesystem access, and raw TCP and UDP. JavaScript, already tuned for a Web browser’s event loop environment for GUI and network events, is a great language for wiring up these connectors. You can snap connectors onto the event loop almost as easily as you can snap Lego parts together. Doing so lets you create a simple, dynamic Web server in just a few lines of JavaScript.

What is New in Node.js v7.8.0?

You may have noticed that the v6 release uses the label Current instead of Stable. This name change has been made in order to better differentiate the Long Term Support releases from the current active development branches.

Notable changes

  • buffer:
    • do not segfault on out-of-range index (Timothy Gu) #11927
  • crypto:
    • Fix memory leak if certificate is revoked (Tom Atkinson) #12089
  • deps:
    • upgrade npm to 4.2.0 (Kat Marchán) #11389
    • fix async await desugaring in V8 (Michaël Zasso) #12004
  • readline:
    • add option to stop duplicates in history (Danny Nemer) #2982


  • [51c8d8088a] – Partial revert “tls: keep track of stream that is closed” (Trevor Norris) #11947
  • [751c1153a4] – benchmark: check end() argument to be > 0 (Vse Mozhet Byt) #12030
  • [210250465a] – benchmark: update obsolete information pointer (Rich Trott) #12026
  • [7aeeee3276] – benchmark: repair the fs/readfile benchmark (Sorin Baltateanu) #7818
  • [90acb773be] – benchmark: allow multiple values for same config (Nikolai Vavilov) #11819
  • [2f4ad6fea2] – benchmark: harmonize progress bar + stderr output (Vse Mozhet Byt) #11925
  • [d62ddbe145] – benchmark: fix fs\bench-realpathSync.js (Vse Mozhet Byt) #11904
  • [85eb1bc0a9] – benchmark: remove v8ForceOptimization calls (Lucas Lago) #11908
  • [17d16e8f3d] – buffer: remove unneeded eslint-disable comment (Rich Trott) #11906
  • [fb41ee3983] – build: add lint option to vcbuild.bat help (Morgan Brenner) #11992
  • [3e4ecca0be] – build: don’t create directory for NDK toolchain (TheBeastOfCaerbannog) #11916
  • [a64aa442c1] – crypto: fix memory leak if certificate is revoked (Tom Atkinson) #12089
  • [2767e2d3cc] – (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: upgrade npm to 4.2.0 (Kat Marchán) #11389
  • [d22346de40] – deps: fix async await desugaring in V8 (Michaël Zasso) #12004
  • [fade55b025] – doc: clarify out-of-bounds behavior of buf[index] (Nikolai Vavilov) #11286
  • [63a19c7012] – doc: update and modernize examples in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #12035
  • [4b5f177e3d] – doc: fix https.timeout docs (Ahmad Nassri) #12039
  • [af051f6528] – doc: fix http properties documented as methods (Ahmad Nassri) #12039
  • [18a586a278] – doc: edit the benchmark guide (Rich Trott) #12041
  • [5e3d429613] – doc: stdout/err/in are all Duplex streams (Sebastian Van Sande) #11194
  • [7f6b03fd0f] – doc: fix process.stdout fd number (Fumiya KARASAWA) #12055
  • [1f7fe55c97] – doc: add richardlau to collaborators (Richard Lau) #12020
  • [924f34606d] – doc: update collaborator email address (Rich Trott) #11996
  • [41bec5cff4] – doc: correct info in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #11949
  • [96ad336d9e] – doc: remove superfluous sample assert code (Rich Trott) #11933
  • [486bd1bd9b] – doc: require uses fs root for ‘/’ prefix (Bradley Farias) #11897
  • [04fa28e6dc] – doc: fix gitter badge in README (Roman Reiss) #11944
  • [68b23be51f] – doc: add missing word in (Jyotman Singh) #11914
  • [0f2642ee36] – errors: remove needless lazyAssert (DavidCai) #11891
  • [5bdd54925a] – lib: add comment to script eval _tickCallback (Gibson Fahnestock) #12050
  • [7347860966] – lib: clarify the usage of ‘else’ (Jackson Tian) #11148
  • [837ff4ba59] – lib: remove an unnecessary coverage check (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #12023
  • [6c803db7b9] – lib: fix event race condition with -e (Ben Noordhuis) #11958
  • [ac92d0249b] – net: refactor net module to module.exports (Claudio Rodriguez) #11698
  • [2462fd8009] – process: maintain constructor descriptor (Bryan English) #9306
  • [91a2700721] – readline: rename deDupeHistory option (Danny Nemer) #11950
  • [8ab26cf508] – (SEMVER-MINOR) readline: add option to stop duplicates in history (Danny Nemer) #2982
  • [6a6c431eec] – src: use persistent strings from node::Environment (Ben Noordhuis) #11945
  • [d0c2d67083] – src: add native URL class (James M Snell) #11801
  • [019a20adb5] – src: make PercentDecode return void (Timothy Gu) #11922
  • [d6da1705cd] – src: ensure that fd 0-2 are valid on windows (Bartosz Sosnowski) #11863
  • [59f71f5661] – src, buffer: do not segfault on out-of-range index (Timothy Gu) #11927
  • [4051184106] – stream_base,tls_wrap: notify on destruct (Trevor Norris) #11947
  • [d8b71be183] – test: fix misleading comment (Franziska Hinkelmann) #12048
  • [8b2b93f148] – test: mark child-process-exec-kill-throws flaky (Gibson Fahnestock) #12054
  • [948b99deab] – test: fix broken tests in test-buffer-includes (Alexey Orlenko) #12040
  • [d112aad78b] – test: replace throw with (Dejon “DJ” Gill) #9700
  • [41284fbc5b] – test: cover thrown errors from exec() kill (cjihrig) #11038
  • [414df6c93b] – test: test validity of prefix in mkdtempSync (Luca Maraschi) #12009
  • [1c0435b1f3] – test: add regex for expected error message (John F. Mercer) #12011
  • [a73dea9499] – test: add second argument to assert.throws() (Rj Bernaldo) #12016
  • [ade64e61cd] – test: refactor test-cluster-disconnect (Rich Trott) #11981
  • [3d21bfe6b9] – test: invalid chars in http client path (Luca Maraschi) #11964
  • [e70ed3cb31] – test: improve test-vm-cached-data.js (Nick Peleh) #11974
  • [b48f13af95] – test: add minimal test for net benchmarks (Rich Trott) #11979
  • [764a00e6e5] – test: add test for url (Yuta Hiroto) #11999
  • [bb2de4a5a1] – test: do not use more command on Windows (Vse Mozhet Byt) #11953
  • [55a112689a] – test: add test for child_process.execFile() (Rich Trott) #11929
  • [9ba551f7e3] – test: fix flaky test-tls-socket-close (Rich Trott) #11921
  • [114f9d619d] – test: add hasCrypto check to tls-socket-close (Daniel Bevenius) #11911
  • [169f187f16] – test: synchronize WPT url setters tests data (Daijiro Wachi) #11887
  • [4b1b6b85a9] – timers: fix not to close reused timer handle (Shigeki Ohtsu) #11646
  • [fd93622f8a] – tls: fix SecurePair external memory reporting (Ben Noordhuis) #11896
  • [126dcb76af] – url: name anonymous functions in url (Pedro lima) #9225
  • [f6755182e5] – url: show input in parse error message (Joyee Cheung) #11934
  • [c51d925c84] – url: restrict setting protocol to “file” (Daijiro Wachi) #11887

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