BestCloudHostingASP.NET | Best and affordable Kentico 10.0.46 hosting. Kentico CMS is a web content management system (WCMS) for building web sites, on-line stores, intranets and Web 2.0 community sites. Kentico CMS utilizes ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

What is Kentico?

Kentico is the only fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform that allows you to create cutting-edge websites, and fully optimize your digital customers’ experiences across multiple channels. Kentico saves you time and resources so you can accomplish more.

Product benefits include

  • All-in-one Solution
  • Out-of-the-box Functionality
  • Rich Customizable Feature Set
  • Extensible and Scalable Platform

Kentico 10.0.46 Great Features

Web Content Management

With much more out-of-the-box functionality than any other vendor, Kentico’s WCM solution lets you deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple channels and devices. Proven to integrate with almost any back-end system, Kentico gives you ultimate flexibility, freeing time and resources so you can accomplish more.


Kentico’s E-commerce solution allows you to keep the design of the site navigation and structure of online stores in line with your vision. Simple integration with external systems, easy ways to pay, and support for multiple languages and currencies means developing a consistent global online retail presence is effortless.

Online Marketing

Using Kentico’s Online Marketing solution gives you a fully integrated 360-degree view of your customers, allowing you to personalize every customer experience. With Web Analytics, Lead Scoring, and Marketing Automation you can nurture leads, and analyze and optimize your campaigns to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Intranet and Collaboration

The Kentico Intranet and Collaboration solution makes empowering workgroups and project teams a hassle-free process for everybody. With easy-to-use Project Management, seamless SharePoint Integration, advanced workgroup collaboration, and customizable department-specific pages, Kentico is the simpler, faster way to smarter working.

Online Communities

Kentico CMS’s Online Communities solution gives you the tools you need to create, manage, and integrate communities socially to drive qualified traffic, bring unique customer insights, and encourage conversations about your brand. With out-of-the-box support for Forums, Blogs, Groups, and more, Kentico helps you build active communities for even greater brand advocacy.


The Kentico all-in-one CMS platform offers rich out-of-the-box functionality, an extensive set of features, and incredible levels of customizability for rapid website development. With Open API, Kentico’s ASP.NET CMS is proven to integrate with almost any back-end system, giving you ultimate flexibility across all channels.

Bug Description

Widgets – Inline widget properties with certain form controls not saving all values

Only the first property value configured for inline widgets was saved correctly for properties using certain form controls that store values into multiple fields (for example the ‘Report graph selector’ form control).

Users – Error on pages containing the On-line users web part

An error occurred on pages containing the ‘On-line users’ web part in special cases when the ‘Store on-line users in database’ setting was disabled.

Search – Search preview images not displayed when storing absolute URLs

If the image field configured in the search settings of a page type or object stored absolute image URLs (for example images served from a CDN), the images were not displayed in the search results.

Pages – Error when viewing all page aliases as an editor

An error occurred when a user with the Editor privilege level clicked the ‘View all aliases’ button while creating or editing a page alias (on the URLs tab of the Pages application).

Form controls – ‘Country selector’ form control incorrectly listing states from all countries

If the ‘Country selector’ form control was configured to return the ID of the selected state for an integer type field, the state selector in the resulting form did not filter the displayed states based on the selected country in certain cases (states from all countries were loaded).

Email marketing – Error when exporting raw database data of email feed recipients

An error occurred when recipients of a particular newsletter email feed were exported using the ‘Advanced export’ action with the ‘Export raw database data’ option and ‘Email’ column selected.

Best Cloud Kentico 10.0.46 Hosting Recommendation

After reviewed over 30+ Windows hosting companies, we will give you our Kentico 10.0.46 hosting recommendation. We found ASPHostPortal is the best solution for Kentico 10.0.46 hosting

Our review site is designed to be a trusted place for bloggers, individuals and web designers to find best web hosting solutions at an affordable price. We review each web host in our view points independently, and rate them based on their reliability, features, technical support level, prices and reputation in the industry.

Best Cloud Hosting for Kentico – ASPHostPortal was launched in 2008. They are one of the best Windows Hosting in United States is This company currently supports Windows Server 2012 hosting with ASP.NET 4.5 / 4.5.1 / 4.5.2, MVC 5.1 / 5.1.1 / 5.1.2, Visual Studio 2012, WebSockets, IIS 8.0 and support the latest Microsoft technology. All of its Windows hosting services are 100% compatible with Kentico 10.0.46.

The price of Kentico 10.0.46 hosting packages is quite competitive, especially the Host One which we may recommend most here. Going through this promotional link directly and you will get FREE DOMAIN or DOUBLE SQL SPACE, the Host One Windows hosting package is $5.00/mo.

This company offers money back guarantee if any of the clients fail to get the desired results. If the company does not work up to the expectations in a certain month, and the valid refund period is 30 days. In addition, the customer service is based on US and the representatives are working 24/7.

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