BestCloudHostingASP.NET | Best and affordable Kooboo CMS hosting. Kooboo is an international web development firm with its core development team based in China.  Kooboo contains products and practices to meet all your web development needs, allowing you complete freedom in development.  Kooboo comprises Kooboo products (Design tools, CMS, Ecommerce, and Newsletters), Kooboo people, Kooboo service, and Kooboo network.

What is Kooboo CMS?

Based on 5 years’ experience in web development, Kooboo CMS has been developed to satisfy all your web development needs they are constantly working on simplifying the development process giving you complete freedom over development. Kooboo CMS 4.0 is based on the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework and Microsoft Metro Style UI.

Kooboo CMS Highlight Features

Fully featured simple UI

Their backend utilizes the Metro Style UI with intuitive menus and tooltips. The content editor uses an inline editor to edit static or dynamic content directly at the front site.

Cloud perfomance

They support XML, SQL and Non-SQL databases and are 100% compatible with Microsoft Azure Cloud. This provides reliable solutions for high traffic websites.

Quick learning curve

Developing a Kooboo CMS site is very similar to developing a standard website. Developing a module is similar to working on an ASP.NET MVC area.

Open source

Released under the Revised BSD License with no burden to purchase or advertising clause. Modify and use the source code as you like, so long as you comply with 3-clause in the license.

Enterprise CMS

Workflow, version control, asset relation management, multi-channeling, incremental deployment, SEO and tracking tool, and content delivery. Our all-in-one package works just for you.

Multilingual solution

Enables you to create independent sites or sites that share content, pages, and modules. A single database can be used for multiple front sites.

About Kooboo CMS

Kooboo CMS is an Enterprise Level CMS based on ASP.NET. The features includes:

  • Simple Inline editing
  • Custom content type
  • Content broadcasting and sharing
  • Content workflow management
  • Media library
  • Full text search
  • Role based user management
  • SEO and tracking
  • Multi-site and multilingual solutions
  • Multichannel publishing
  • Version control
  • High performance and scalable
  • Custom Extensions development
  • Asset relation management
  • Incremental deployment

Best Cloud Kooboo CMS Hosting Recommendation

After reviewed over 30+ hosting companies, we will give you our Kooboo CMS hosting recommendation. We found ASPHostPortal is the best solution for Kooboo CMS hosting

Our review site is designed to be a trusted place for bloggers, individuals and web designers to find best web hosting solutions at an affordable price. We review each web host in our view points independently, and rate them based on their reliability, features, technical support level, prices and reputation in the industry.

Best Cloud Hosting for Kooboo CMS – ASPHostPortal was launched in 2008. They are one of the best Linux Hosting in United States is All of its Linux hosting services are 100% compatible with Kooboo CMS.

The price of Kooboo CMS hosting packages is quite competitive, especially the Linux Intro which we may recommend most here. Going through this promotional link directly and you will get FREE DOMAIN or DOUBLE SQL SPACE, the Linux Intro hosting package is $2.50/mo.

This company offers money back guarantee if any of the clients fail to get the desired results. If the company does not work up to the expectations in a certain month, and the valid refund period is 30 days. In addition, the customer service is based on US and the representatives are working 24/7.

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