How to Make SEO Easier in DNN

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a cross-functional discipline and to achieve findable websites, a variety of tactics must be employed. When building DotNetNuke (DNN) websites, optimizing your websites for findability can be exceptionally challenging. Rich, contextual content is the root of findability, but due to the nature of a content management system (CMS), content can

How to Get More Website Visitors

Whether you’re new to the block or a veteran marketer, you conceptually know that the first step in any successful inbound strategy is to attract strangers to visit your site. But actually putting it into practice can be hard. You’re worried about lots of other things like getting bottom-line results or keeping up with the latest

Improve Your SEO with Social Media

Are you looking for how to use social media in your content strategy to improve SEO and Google search rankings? Do you want to boost your SEO campaign using social media? I will address those questions in this article with practical social media for SEO marketing tips. Improving your SEO strategy is vital because it increases

8 Easy Ways to Improve Website Load Speed

Search for information about improving your website load speed and more often than not, you’re bombarded with technical terms and web elements that you never knew existed… …until now. In this article, we’re going to leave the jargon at the door. That’s right, no coding, no header inserts, no programming knowledge. As long as you can

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Everyone knows that page speed is important. It’s a confirmed Google ranking factor on desktop and mobile, impacts user experience, and can have a direct effect on your bottom line. But slow WordPress websites are a common issue. Here’s the mobile score for a page of mine in PageSpeed Insights. Before optimization. None of them load massively fast, with

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite options for driving traffic to your website? You’re not alone. This article doesn’t list every traffic strategy under the sun. 1. Target topics with search traffic potential Besides word of mouth, this is our second best marketing channel, sending us hundreds of new users every month. Without a doubt, search engine

Tips to Improve PrestaShop SEO

The main purpose of search engine optimization is to help both users and search engines better understand a website’s content. Bearing in mind that Google ranks sites according to such parameters as site speed, used keywords, time spent on site etc, it is appropriate to optimize your SEO PrestaShop as much as possible. The more your website

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