A beautifully designed website is vital. Your website is the window through which people get a glimpse of you. The website needs to up hold your brand and what you are as a business.It also needs to be engaging, allowing visitors to connect with its content.

The goal should be building a website with intuitive features that will fulfil your current and probable future needs while being eye-catching.

The following points should be considered for designing an effective website for your company.

White Space

The importance of white space can be valued properly when there is a lack of it. White space gives off a sense of freshness to the design while diverting the attention to the right parts.

The lack of white space creates a cluttered and messy design. These unwanted characteristics are amplified when viewed on a smaller screen.

On the other hand, too much white space gives off an empty feel. The design would also waste valuable space that could’ve been used in better ways.

The proper use of white space is akin to the beds in Goldilocks story. Both excess and insufficient space are bad. But when you use just the right amount, the result is spectacular.

User Interface (UI)

Creating an aesthetically pleasing web design is not enough to help your business grow, it also needs functionality. That’s where user interface comes in.

The UI aspect of the design determines how well the design will be received. A great design with poor UI is like a Ferrari with aeroplane controllers. Sure, it will look great, but you won’t be able to use it properly.

Every button and drop down menu should be easily accessible, identifiable and responsive. How far apart should each menu be, where a particular element should be placed, how many movements it will require to conduct a particular action; all of these need to be considered.

Collecting user data and performing A/B testing are also very important for optimizing your UI. For example, if your business is located in Melbourne, you should hire a web design Melbourne agency to ensure your site meets the preferences of your potential customers.

Rich Media

Why use words when you can convey the same statement with a beautiful picture or video. Animations come in handy too. They make the web design come alive.

Pictures and videos not only capture our attention but also hold it for a longer duration. We try to understand what the meaning is, analyse it. This leaves a lasting impression. Animations also help the web design to attract the viewers’ attention even more.

However, using too much media can slow down your website. Therefore, the best practice is to have optimised images and videos in places that you want people to give most attention to.


Majority of all the web traffic today comes from mobile devices. More and more people are browsing the web using their mobile devices. That’s why it’s crucial for your website to be mobile-friendly.

Being mobile-friendly or optimised means your site will perfectly display on the smaller screens. Users won’t have any trouble viewing and navigating through your site.

Mobile responsiveness is universally regarded as a must-have aspect. As such, not paying attention to it is one of the gravest mistakes you can make.

Maintain Branding

First and foremost, your web design is there to maintain what you represent as a brand. The design of your website should be consistent with the company’s branding. People should instantly recognize that it belongs to you.

Additionally, before making any design decisions, you must analyse your business and pay close attention to the message the new design will make. The colour scheme, icons, images; all should be selected as an extension of you.

Wrapping Up

As significant as it is, the design of your website should be handled with much care. Not everyone has the skills or knowledge to create great designs.

Hopefully, with the 5 points given here,now you have a better idea about web designs that’ll help you grow your business.

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