Everyone is aware that, in a world increasingly dominated by technology, websites are essential to the success of any digital business. Additionally, it’s the best approach to express yourself and be heard when it comes to the exchange of ideas or even for fun.

What will you be able to do if you know how to select a prestashop web host for your company?

You may already be asking yourself how to pick the best website hosting service if you need to build a website for your e-commerce or simply want to launch your blog project.

Online, there are a ton of possibilities, making decision-making extremely difficult. People who wish to build a website may worry about the web design, the content, and even be uncertain and wary about which company to entrust with their page.

It’s important to weigh the similarities and differences between various services to choose which one best meets your needs while taking your goal into account.

We shortlisted PrestaShop hosts that offer easy one-click installation, security features including secure sockets layer (SSL), high uptime, and solid customer support.

We also analyzed real customer reviews, listening most closely to what e-commerce shop owners — who actually use PrestaShop — had to say. Finally, we factored in expert and consumer ratings from our large database.

What Is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is free, open source software for the development of e-commerce websites. With PrestaShop, anyone can create an impressive online store. No coding knowledge is required.

By facilitating a reliable and straightforward transaction process, PrestaShop makes it easier for merchants to focus on growing their businesses. It’s an excellent choice if you have a limited budget, but you want a professional-looking, fully-featured store and you don’t mind handling the setup yourself.

How to Choose PrestaShop Web Hosting

Choosing PrestaShop Web hosting really comes down to the features that are important to you as an e-commerce shop owner. For most people, that includes:

  • Easy one-click installation: Especially for small- to mid-sized businesses not looking for a ton of bells and whistles, simplicity and the ability to get up and running quickly and smoothly is key.
  • Security features including SSL: Anytime you’re conducting transactions or dealing with data, you want to make sure your site and web host both are secure.
  • High uptime: If your site goes down, you could literally be losing money by the minute. Look for a web host that keeps you up and running while troubleshooting any issues as soon as possible.
  • Solid customer support: When problems happen, you need to know that you can get someone knowledgeable on a chat or call 24/7 who can help you resolve your issues quickly.

Best PrestaShop Hosting Providers


ASPHostPortal.com is a web hosting provider dedicated to providing high quality web hosting at an affordable price. They care for the clients, ensuring each and every client is more than just satisfied day in and day out. They only use the best hardware, super fast network, covered by 24/7 Support Team. They have locations in 12 world class data centers, located USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Each of locations will provide with amazing performance. With them, your PrestaShop website will run fast.


ScalaHosting offers affordable cloud VPS solutions with no additional cost. For just $29.95/mo, you get all the essentials like a free domain, an SSL, and email accounts. More so, you get dedicated resources, meaning you don’t have to share them with other users like you would with shared hosting. To help you manage your website quickly and effectively, ScalaHosting offers SPanel – a faster, lightweight control panel for your site. This is where you’ll find Softaculous with a one-click installer for PrestaShop. The provider does not cheap out in terms of security. All the essentials like automatic daily and on-demand backups, server-level firewalls, an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP, SShield cybersecurity protection, malware scans and removal, are included with all plans.


Leverage the power-packed performance of Vultr and launch your online store with style. Its computer instances provide the perfect environment needed for your website. All of its plans have 3+GHz processors that power applications, making them fast. It includes high-performing Intel CPUs and 100% SSD-based storage. It offers instant deployment, no matter where you are based on the globe. Compute instances of Vultr are available globally in 17 places spread across 4 continents. Use your preferred OS and spin it up with a different instance by deploying CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

Best PrestaShop Hosting FAQs

How much does PrestaShop cost?

The software is completely free and open source. PrestaShop has formed partnerships with a number of companies, such as Google and PayPal. The partner companies see their services promoted in PrestaShop, while PrestaShop is available for free to its users. The software is also supported through the purchase of optional features and themes, as well as paid technical support plans.

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