What is Dedicated Cloud Server?

Cloud server hosting is when hosting services are made available to customers on demand via the Internet. Rather than being provided by a single server or virtual server, cloud server hosting services are provided by multiple connected servers that comprise a cloud. Cloud server hosting is also sometimes referred to as cluster server hosting or server on-demand hosting.

Cloud server hosting offers the advantages of increased accessibility and reliability, seamless scalability and potential cost savings, as customers are freed from having to invest in on-premises servers and hardware, and they pay only for the resources they consume.  On the other hand, security and lack of access and full control are potential concerns with cloud server hosting.

What is Moving to Cloud?

In simpler terms, moving to cloud is simply migrating your data, applications, email or software to cloud hosting where it is accessible from anywhere across the globe.

Few examples of cloud applications in our daily lives – reading books on Kindle paperwhite, Google drive and listening to the tunes that are on your computer at home through your cell phone.  Cloud makes applications accessible anywhere on the go and this and much more that it offers, make our daily lives more convenient, and it certainly can do wonders for your business.

Why Your Business Needs to Move to Cloud?

  • To meet growing hosting needs of the customers.
  • To provide easy solutions and more developed hosting environment for the growing business needs.
  • To counter the limitations of traditional hosting, which I have discussed in detail below.

Why Go for Cloud Hosting over Traditional Hosting?

Cloud hosting provides a spectrum of benefits, including but not limited to-

1. Increased Server uptime

Server uptime is directly proportional to the performance of your website. Cloud hosting provides maximum network uptime and guarantees no single point of failure.  As it is a system of interconnected servers so if at any point, one server is unable to take your request then another one out of the multiple servers will take over the workload of the failed server by default.

Whereas, in traditional hosting, a single server set up risks hardware failure and downtime for your website and applications.

2. Pay for the resources as per your needs

In cloud hosting model you do not have to worry about the capital expenditure as you don’t need to invest in any infrastructure and opex is also lesser as you just need to pay only for the resources/services which you actually utilize.

Whereas in traditional hosting model you need to pay a fixed  mount for the services whether you utilize them or not.

3. Increased security

In traditional hosting you share the resources and CPU needs with other websites on the same server or maintain a private dedicated server to secure sensitive information which costs too high.

Cloud hosting comes with such an infrastructure which secures your data at various levels-network, data, application and physical security. Cloud service providers ensure data safety through customer’s identity management, proper data isolation and storage segregation, secure and encrypted solutions, firewalls and backup   recoveries.

4. Scalability of resources

Instantaneous allocation of resources with the emerging needs of   the website is quite easy and simple with cloud hosting. A cloud   hosting set up allows sites and accounts to add or reduce resources like bandwidth, storage, RAM etc. from the bank of resources maintained by the network of multiple servers.

Whereas physical machine in a traditional hosting set up has limited   resources and rigid specifications. So you cannot ramp up the   resources immediately on the server whenever the need arises for   the same.

5. Independence of location

Traditional hosting servers are confined to a fixed place and thus, you need to be specific while choosing your server as the location of server plays a great role in loading speed of a website. Whereas cloud hosting servers are present across the world.They are accessible globally via an internet connection and with any device-PC or mobile.

6. Increased Group collaboration

Cloud computing allows for access anywhere on the go. Employees of an organization can work on the same documents and even share applications, regardless of the location where they work from.  For   example, you can access data from home, or even if you are on tour with Office 365-a business productivity suite that enables faster and smart working and also flexibility in work practices.

But you cannot enjoy this feature of team collaboration in traditional hosting.

7. Backup and disaster recovery

Cloud hosting provides disaster recovery feature as data is automatically backed up in inter -connected server (cloud being a multi-server setup).

Traditional hosting does not offer disaster recovery as there is only one single server where you can host your data and applications.  You need to arrange for backup of your data yourself.

8. Latest technology

Cloud hosting leverages latest technologies. It allows you to customize and integrate your software applications, as per your needs and preferences of your business. This may include upgrades to servers, latest versions of software and computer processing  power.

With traditional hosting you cannot upgrade, customize automatically.

9. Environment friendly

  • Cloud servers are utilized up to full capacity which minimizes the idle time and saves energy of both company and environment.
  • Cloud hosting eliminates the need of maintaining in house serversreducing carbon emission.

10. Performance

The site hosted in a cloud environment performs far better than that   hosted on a traditional server set up. For those who require speed of   loading page, flexible and immediate resource allocation, disaster recovery plans, energy saving and climate friendly server set up and above all, more in less prices, then cloud is a perfect solution for them.

Why You Should Use Windows Server?

Windows server 2016 is the latest server operating system released by Microsoft.

It has many advantages, especially for companies that are always looking for security but especially for creating profits while reducing costs.


Windows Server 2016 has an integrated protection system that can detect suspicious activity against a company’s systems. It also limits the damage in an environment if ever an intrusion is noticed.

Infrastructure evolution

Enterprises struggle to reduce costs while managing more data traffic from their datacenters. Windows Server 2016 enables them to address operational and security challenges, free up IT resources to plan a strategy using cloud-based solutions for applications and systems.

Affordable high-performance storage

Storage systems are critical to the performance of most business applications. However, expensive and manually configured traditional storage systems can prevent businesses from realizing the efficiency benefits of a software-defined data center. To overcome this, Azure-inspired storage features in Windows Server 2016 use rules and automation to reduce costs.

Application innovation

More and more organizations are using apps to stand out from the competition. Apps help win and support customers. Developers tend to have little patience when it comes to understanding the realities of an IT infrastructure. They want the applications in production to have the same operation as in their test environment. Windows Server 2016 supports application innovation using container technology and microservices.

The Best Windows Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting Support ASP.NET Core 2.2 – $12.99 ONLY

The Best Windows Cloud Dedicated Server Hosting $12.99 ONLY

You have many options when choosing a Reliable Dedicated windows hosting company. Our Windows Dedicated Server recommendation is ASPHostPortal. ASPHostPortal.com is the best & cheap Windows Dedicated Server. With Windows dedicated cloud server from ASPHostPortal.com, you have full root access to the server 24/7/365. The cloud server is a dedicated service and it is not shared among their clients. All ASPHostPortal.com servers offer the most advanced Microsoft Windows Dedicated Server operating system available today. Designed to power the next generation of network applications & Web services, they fully support Windows Server 2016 with IIS 8.5 on all of their Windows Dedicated Cloud Servers, installed, configured and ready to go.

Why ASPHostPortal.com is The Best and Cheap Windows Dedicated Cloud Server?

Built for Reliability

Cloud Servers reside in our world-class data centers, with hardware RAID 10 storage for virtual machines, no moving parts for bare-metal servers, ECC memory, and fully redundant networking and power all the way to the host.

Power of Bare Metal

Instantly provision bare-metal servers using the OpenStack API or the control panel to bring more consistency and predictability to your application performance.

Global Regions

Access to multiple regions lets you deploy applications close to your users and introduce geographic redundancy. Regions include Washington, Seattle, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Melbourne, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Simple to Use

Cloud Engineers help you every step of the way, and powerful APIs and a user-friendly control panel provide the control you need.

Reliable and Secured

High-performance, state-of-the-art data centers are protected with keycard protocols, biometric scanning protocols, and around-the-clock surveillance.

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