Best nopCommerce 3.90 Cloud Hosting – nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce software that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. nopCommerce is a fully customizable shopping cart. It’s stable and highly usable. From downloads to documentation, offers a comprehensive base of information, resources, and support to the nopCommerce community.

In nopCommerce 3.90, they focused on widening nopCommerce marketing and content management functionality for such features like reward points (loyalty program), discounts, tier prices, product reviews and others. In this version, they also continue simplifying and redesigning the admin area in terms of UI and UX standards. Some significant improvements in performance optimization were done as well.

Find out more about the new version highlights below.

Compliance with PCI DSS 3.2 requirements

With the 3.90 version, nopCommerce became compatible with the latest industry standard for payment data protection, PCI DSS 3.2. The newest requirements help to prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks that can lead to payment data breaches. In order to fit PCI DSS 3.2, the following policies must be followed:

  • password attempt failure lock-out must be supported;
  • password must be changed at least once every 90 days;
  • password must be unique i.e. it is not allowed to submit one of the previously used passwords.

All of these options are integrated in nopCommerce and are fully configurable.

Bundled products quantity

Bundled products functionality allows customers to buy different combinations or sets of products as a single product (i.e. product constructor). It can be used when product attributes are products themselves. For example, shoelace available in different colors can be sold as a separate product or with sneakers. In that case, a store owner can manage inventory of both main product and its attributes. All this was already available in previous versions of nopCommerce, however, earlier shoppers didn’t have an opportunity to set the required quantity of the attributes. In the 3.90 version, “Customer enters quantity” option was added to make the set creation more flexible.

Extended discount functionality

We have added discount requirement groups to support complex requirements with multiple rules. The requirements are set using boolean logic. For instance, if you want the discount to be assigned to a particular customer role or in case a customer had spent certain amount, etc.

Tier prices start/end dates

The pricing section on the product info page was slightly changed. Now shop owners don’t need to specify special prices with the start and end dates separately. Tier prices now support start and end dates functionality.

Reward points usage delay

The new version eliminates the necessity of reward points activation immediately after they were calculated. A store owner can set up a period after which the earned points become active. It is a very useful option if you don’t want the points to be available for use during a certain period, for example, while the purchased products can be returned.

Product reviews admin replies

It is important for store owners to keep communication with their customers, including replying to their product reviews. In nopCommerce 3.90, store owners can leave responses directly to each customer comment, so they are not lost in a single thread of all messages.

Message templates with conditions

Now store owners can add conditions to message templates. For example, shipping address can be hidden in emails when shipping is not required.

Product stock changes tracking

In previous versions of nopCommerce, it was possible to check product stock quantity only on the main product info page, and stock changes could be tracked only by viewing each order containing this product. It was not really convenient, so a dedicated Stock quantity history tab was created. Now a store owner can find all the required information on product stock quantity, its changes, and orders with the product at one place.

For products that are out of stock store owners will now be able to display an approximate number of days in which the product will be available again, instead of general “out of stock” message used in previous versions.

Custom order number

They added a new feature, an order number mask on Order settings page, to allow store owners configuring a custom order number. For example, it is possible to add some prefix or date.

Access limitation for plugins usage

In the new nopCommerce version, a store owner can limit access to plugins per customer role in ACL or in a plugin editing window. This option allows to show only needed plugins for different customer roles.

Renewed blog comments and news settings

In the 3.90 version, they have added an approval procedure for submitted news and blog comments. Now store owners can choose the option “must be approved”, which makes comments visible in a public store only after an administrator allows it. Searching for comments became easier with new search fields (searching by dates, text, approved status). One more implemented option is news and comments displayed per store.

File attachments in the product return form

Now customers can attach files when submitting return requests (scans, additional documents, etc). This option is especially useful for customers who faced some problems with their orders, such as receiving damaged or wrong items, etc.

nopCommerce is open-source ecommerce solution. It’s stable and highly usable. nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce solution that is ASP.NET (MVC) based with a MS SQL 2008 (or higher) backend database. It has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times! easy-to-use shopping cart solution is uniquely suited for merchants that have outgrown existing systems, and may be hosted with your current web host or hosting partners. It has everything you need to get started in selling physical and digital goods over the internet. nopCommerce offers unprecedented flexibility and control.

Why you should choose Best Cloud ASP.NET Hosting for nopCommerce 3.90?

nopCommerce has a wealth of features and capabilities designed to help you launch powerful e-commerce solutions. its included all the necessary tools required to build a successful e-commerce store

nop-Commerce is free where you can use without cost any money, not only free but it’s also have good community support, since open source makes this CMS improves a lot.

nop-commerce had bunch of useful features for your online shop, from a standard features like catalogue, shopping cart and check out to the interesting features like affiliation nopCommerce, Checkout anonymous, Blog nopCommerce, Forum and also SEF where you can makes URL automatically

Easy to use
nopCommerce is easy to use, more than thousand e-commerce sites using this CMS, that’s also a proof that nopCommerce is easy to use.

A lot of Source code refactrung (C# code, CSS, HTML markup)

Facebook external Authentication
plugin now support multi store configuration As I seen the biggest reason you should using nop-commerce, cause it’s Feature, nop-commerce brings you so many feature you cannot ignore.

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Conclusion as The Best and Affordable nopCommerce Hosting

From what we have discussed above, is a good option for hosting nopCommerce 3.90 websites by highly meeting the installation requirements of this application and offering packages with affordable price and rich features. The key point is that it ensures a reliable hosting environment with blazing-fast page loading speed and provides 24/7 responsive technical support.

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