BestCloudHostingASP.NET | As Google keeps on updating its algorithms, most of the Joomla website owners show a lot of concern towards boosting up the loads of their sites. These changes have a great impact on the page rank if a website loads slowly. Most of the Joomla site owners consider speeding up as a secondary issue; however, it now holds a lot of importance. Therefore, you have to speed up the performance of your Joomla website if you want to improve the page ranks.


As Joomla is a good option for hosting a website and many people are looking for the methods to speed up Joomla sites, we worked out the following easy-to-follw article to help you get to know about the best ways which will help you to speed up Joomla in an efficient way.

Ways to Speed up Joomla sitesĀ 

Here are some most effective ways which help you in enhancing the performance of your Joomla website:

7 Tips for Joomla

Optimization of Templates

Templates might be the most prominent reason of the speed loss of your site. You may have a good looking site but its slower performance may act as a hurdle in your way of getting a good page rank. There are thousands of templates which are created for Joomla every day. However, there are many templates which do not work out efficiently. Most of these templates utilize 70+ images in a day. The bad thing is that these images are not at all optimized and they make the working of your website slower. So, you have to work on it.

Optimization of your website

You can use a lot of techniques for optimization of your website. These tactics include websites which are based on Joomla. The best thing which could be done is that you have to ensure that you are encoding your website pages with Gzip. This is going to speed up Joomla site for you. Other tactics include the use of PHP and CSS. You have to remove white space from the files of templates. Also, remove the commands of CSS, which are considered important. These tactics are surely going to work out for you.

Joomla Updates

You must use the upgraded version of Joomla for the security of you websites. Each update has small changes in it, which speed up the time of loading of Joomla to a great extent. This is also true for extensions of Joomla that you are utilizing. There are a lot of other problems which are related with the use of Joomla websites becuase of the use of certain extensions added in the site. You have to be careful regarding the use of updated and recently upgraded versions of Joomla extensions and updates.

Joomla Updates

There are many Joomla extensions which can do dish washing for you. Many of these extensions are not considered efficient and they can become a major cause of slow down of your sites. In order to remove this issue, you need to install a component of page caching. However, do not enable it. In this way, you will be able to see the time of loading for each of your URL. Find all those URLs which are showing a slow performance. All of the sites showing slow load times will have a common component in them which won’t be present in the fast sites

Search Engine Friendly URL

The foremost thing which is done by most of the webmasters is that they make their website’s URL user-friendly and search engine friendly. This is also done by Joomla core in an automatic way. There are some webmasters that want a lot of more control and they believe that this could be done by incorporating an extra component. The issue is that most of these components do not work out efficiently. Therefore, it is suggested that webmasters must focus on the creation of such URLs which are user-friendly and search engine friendly.


Joomla is regarded to be a feature packed content management system. Most of the web developers select it for bridging with other programs for enhancing the working. When both programs are used together, they complement one another. This is not usually worth doing. This is becuase both the programs have independent functioning and the core of the programs will need to be loaded. This will create a hit to the performance of your website becuase two pages need to be loaded at the same time. The functionality needs to be improved.

Joomla Tools

You are allowed to install a large number of tools and plugins within a few seconds using Joomla. All of these tools have been created with different practices of coding. All of them require different frameworks for their functionality. This is a massive bloat of codes, which actually brings you server to the knee. It makes you site perform quite slowly. If you want to prevent yourself from further headaches, then you must load very small amounts of Java Scripts. Keep yourself confined to a limited usage of plugins and extensions if you want to speed up Joomla.

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