Best PrestaShop v1.7.6.6 Cloud HostingPrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL). It is written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system. PrestaShop is currently used by 250,000 shops worldwide and is available in 60 different languages.

PrestaShop: the software that adapts to all e-commerce projects

PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce solution used worldwide. It was developed in collaboration with a community of more than one million users and contributors.


PrestaShop is based on the Symfony framework. It includes more than 600 features, and 5,000+ modules and themes are available in the marketplace.

Open Source

Users and developers are guaranteed a secure, scalable, flexible, and sustainable solution for all their e-commerce projects.


270,000 shops around the world have customized PrestaShop by using thousands of ready-made themes or by creating their own.


Available in 65 + languages, PrestaShop will help your e-commerce business succeed irrespective of your customers’ country or currency.

PrestaShop Addons: PrestaShop’s official marketplace

Here, you will find modules, themes and services that allow you to customize and roll out your PrestaShop e-commerce site according to your needs. The products on PrestaShop Addons are developed by PrestaShop and its developer community.

  • 5,000+ modules, graphic themes and services.

  • Your purchases and personal data are 100% secure.

  • The modules you bought appear directly in your back-office.

New Features in PrestaShop

The ongoing work on security for PrestaShop software continues. We have identified and fixed new minor security issues and since we don’t expect PrestaShop final to be released before a few weeks, it has been decided to deliver a new maintenance release for 1.7.6.X branch. is available!

Similarly to, this maintenance release fixes not only regressions found on versions to, but also a few security issues from 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions. This is again a result of the huge work on security going on in 2020 to make PrestaShop software safer. PrestaShop will continue focusing more and more on security to ensure that no security breaches, even minor ones such as permission issues, are left out in the core.

As this patch fixes several security issues, we highly recommend to upgrade your shop as soon as possible. Of course, as always, don’t forget to backup before.

Reminder: the 1-Click Upgrade module’s latest version is v4.10.1, don’t forget to upgrade it.

Main fixes

Below are listed the 6 regressions that were found and fixed in this version:

Front-office regression:

  • A BC break was mistakenly introduced in on some selectors in the front-office #18509

Back-office regressions:

  • It was not possible to use Stocks page without the rights for Translation page #19713
  • Bad button color in Modules pages modal window #9699
  • No success message in Customer page after editing a voucher #18842

Other regressions:

  • It was not possible to update currencies using the Webservice #18865
  • There was an error at the end of the upgrade if it was run manually #18723

Security fixes

7 security fixes have been included in this patch version:

  • External control of configuration setting in the dashboard (security advisory)
  • Improper access controls in Carrier page, Module Manager and Module Positions (security advisory)
  • Improper authentication (security advisory)
  • Reflected XSS in product page (security advisory)
  • Stored XSS in AdminQuickAccesses (security advisory)
  • Information disclosure in release archive (security advisory)
  • Information exposure in upload directory (security advisory)

More information about why it is important to update:

  • External Control of System or Configuration Setting
  • Improper Access Control
  • Improper Authentication – Generic (CWE-287)
  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Open Redirect (CWE-601)
  • Information Exposure Through Directory Listing (CWE-548)
  • Information Disclosure (CWE-200)

Notable change

In order to correctly handle user session expiration, two new SQL tables have been added to PrestaShop MySQL schema: ps_customer_session and ps_employee_session. These SQL tables are used for security purposes.

Breaking or risky changes

Dashboard modules can no longer use AdminDashboardController::ajaxProcessSaveDashConfig() to save values. This is not possible anymore in PrestaShop in order to enforce the shop’s security.

A bug fix included in required changing a CSS selector in the Front Office’s product page and rendering it more specific. However, this new selector did not work with some third party themes which were based on Classic. In, a new generic selector has been added: .product-container. If you are a theme developer, make sure to add this class to the appropriate container on your product page in order to allow your product page to be refreshed on changes.

Why you should choose Best Cloud ASP.NET Hosting for PrestaShop v1.7.6.6?

PrestaShop has a wealth of features and capabilities designed to help you launch powerful e-commerce solutions. its included all the necessary tools required to build a successful e-commerce store


Prestashop is free where you can use without cost any money, not only free but it’s also have good community support, since open source makes this CMS improves a lot.


Prestashop had bunch of useful features for your online shop, from a standard features like catalogue, shopping cart and check out to the interesting features like affiliation PrestaShop, Checkout anonymous, Blog PrestaShop, Forum and also SEF where you can makes URL automatically

Easy to use

PrestaShop is easy to use, more than thousand e-commerce sites using this CMS, that’s also a proof that PrestaShop is easy to use.


A lot of Source code refactrung (C# code, CSS, HTML markup)[/su_spoiler]

Facebook external Authentication

plugin now support multi store configuration As I seen the biggest reason you should using nop-commerce, cause it’s Feature, nop-commerce brings you so many feature you cannot ignore.

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Conclusion as The Best and Affordable Prestashop Hosting.  From what we have discussed above, is a good option for hosting PrestaShop v1.7.6.6 websites by highly meeting the installation requirements of this application and offering packages with affordable price and rich features. The key point is that it ensures a reliable hosting environment with blazing-fast page loading speed and provides 24/7 responsive technical support.

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