BestCloudHostingASP.NET | Best MySQL 5.7.19 Database Cloud Hosting Provider Recommendation. MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. With its proven performance, reliability and ease-of-use, MySQL has become the leading database choice for web-based applications, used by high profile web properties including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo! and many more.

Why You Should Use MySQL Database?

It’s ubiquitous

Go to any Linux or Windows based web host, and there it is. Download an open source project and most of time that’s what it’s connected to. If you’re in a shared hosting environment you can’t just go an install something else, but you can stick with MySQL and download just about any open source software and use it. That’s an advantage, especially for new folks.

It’s easy to find help

If you get stuck on something, there are countless places to find your solution. There are tens of thousands of tutorials, help docs and discussions about it. Chances are the problem you’re having isn’t anything new and someone has already solved it.

It’s easy to learn

Pretty much anyone can learn the basics and get up and running very quickly with MySQL. If you’re building something small and simple it’s very easy, and quite forgiving. While this builds poor programming practices it also gives people training wheels until they learn more and decide to get a real database.

MySQL is considered proven

While it may not be perfect, it is considered a proven technology in the industry. Vendors strive to have their applications and tools compatible with MySQL because it’s so frequently used successfully. There are plenty of applications that use MySQL in a smart way to solve their problems, and they work just fine.

Less features mean less maintenance

You don’t need to hire a group of certified DBAs to run a MySQL database. An ordinary programmer can learn enough to maintain their database servers for most applications. There are many features enterprise database vendors offer that you can’t find in MySQL, but you also don’t need. Most of the time those extra features mean more points of failure, and more education needed to keep the server running, which is wasteful if you aren’t actively using said features anyway. MySQL is very much “set it and forget it” in many applications.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

How many startups out there want to fork out thousands of dollars for a Microsoft or Oracle solution? They’re operating on a shoestring so a free database solution is a no brainer. MySQL can be installed on as many servers as you need and it doesn’t require much in the way of hardware. And as we mentioned before the labor costs for maintaining it are far lower. Even large established companies love saving money, and MySQL saves money.

If you don’t need the extra features you aren’t going to pay through the nose for it, pure and simple.

MySQL is scalable

You and your brother in law decide to start a company in your garage. You choose MySQL based on price and build your application. Fast forward a year from now and things are growing good. You’ve added a couple more servers and things are fine. Another year goes by and you have some breakthrough and your business is 10 times larger overnight. You can use that money to build as much of an infrastructure as you need, and rather quickly. MySQL can handle everything from a megabyte of data to terabytes just fine. With good education about the system you can scale it up.

Native support for the new stuff

If you really want to be hip and cutting edge you wouldn’t consider using that stale and uncool MySQL right? Well actually you might considering how well it interfaces with things like Ruby and Python. It’s well supported out of the box, and ready for the latest and greatest technologies coming out, as well as great support for PHP.

Great transactional support

While MySQL may not be the greatest for data warehousing it’s hard to argue it’s bad as a transactional database. The web itself is highly transactional and MySQL meets that need well. It features ACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) support, distributed transactions and server enforced referential integrity checks on transactions.

RDBMS support for smaller businesses isn’t bad

For small to medium sized businesses the reporting and analysis functionality is quite sufficient. It could use a lot of improvement but it works great for smaller applications. The same type of companies that benefit from cost savings are the same ones that won’t likely need complex analysis and in depth BI reporting offered in other databases. If you’re using it to run your company blog or a few shopping carts do you really need much more than MySQL offers? Probably not.

Changes in MySQL 5.7.19

Account Management Notes

  • During data directory initialization or upgrade, MySQL now creates a 'mysql.session'@'localhost' reserved account. This account is used internally by plugins to access the server. It is locked so that it cannot be used for client connections. (Bug #25642343)

Compilation Notes

  • Solaris: On Solaris, MySQL binary distributions are now linked against, so they are no longer dependent on (Bug #25909965)

Deprecation and Removal Notes

  • InnoDB: The innodb_undo_logs configuration option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Theinnodb_rollback_segments configuration option performs the same function and should be used instead.The Innodb_available_undo_logs status variable is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Packaging Notes

  • mysqladmin was added to Docker/Minimal packages because it is needed by InnoDB Cluster. (Bug #25998285)
  • Debian/Ubuntu packages now support multiple MySQL instances with systemd. See Managing MySQL Server with systemd. (Bug #24559588, Bug #82785)

Security Notes

  • Security Fix: The linked OpenSSL library for the MySQL Commercial Server has been updated to version 1.0.2l. Issues fixed in the new OpenSSL version are described at change does not affect the Oracle-produced MySQL Community build of MySQL Server, which uses the yaSSL library instead. (Bug #26160962)
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition now supports LDAP pluggable authentication of MySQL users. This enables MySQL Server to use LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to authenticate MySQL users by accessing directory services such as X.500. For more information, see Pluggable Authentication.
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition now includes a keyring_aws plugin that communicates with the Amazon Web Services Key Management Service as a back end for key generation and uses a local file for key storage. For more information, see The MySQL Keyring.

Spatial Data Support

  • These functions previously accepted either WKB strings or geometry arguments. Use of geometry arguments is now deprecated and generates a warning. Geometry arguments will not be accepted in MySQL 8.0.
    • ST_GeomCollFromWKB()ST_GeometryCollectionFromWKB()
    • ST_GeomFromWKB()ST_GeometryFromWKB()
    • ST_LineFromWKB()ST_LinestringFromWKB()
    • ST_MLineFromWKB()ST_MultiLinestringFromWKB()
    • ST_MPointFromWKB()ST_MultiPointFromWKB()
    • ST_MPolyFromWKB()ST_MultiPolygonFromWKB()
    • ST_PointFromWKB()
    • ST_PolyFromWKB()ST_PolygonFromWKB()

    For information about migrating queries that refer to those functions away from using geometry arguments to using WKB arguments, see Functions That Create Geometry Values from WKB Values.

Test Suite Notes

  • now has a --test-progress option to cause display of the percentage of tests remaining. (Bug #25601131, Bug #20755059, Bug #76455)
  • These changes were made to the --xml-report option for
    • <failure> tag identifies any test failing on a retry attempt.
    • Separate statistics and fields are included for skipped and disabled tests.
    • The XML report is created in the build directory if no absolute path is given for out-of-source builds.
    • For combination runs, a field named variation is included in the <testcase> tag.
    • Results for all tests belonging to a suite are aggregated within a single <testsuite> tag.
    • Information regarding failures is reported with a brief reason in an attribute named message, along with other details within the tag.

    (Bug #25349924)

  • now supports a --report-unstable-tests option that has these effects:
    • Reports any test that has passed using at least one retry attempt in a separate category called “Unstable tests” in the summary.
    • If all failures are due to unstable tests, produces a warning but exits successfully.
    • Adds a new XML tag to report unstable tests, if the --xml-report option is also specified.

    (Bug #24473420, Bug #25984429)

  • mysqltest now supports a replace_numeric_round command that takes an argument value from 0 to 16 indicating the number of decimals to round numeric values to. This can be used to help prevent result content mismatch errors for tests in which slightly different results are obtained across platforms due to precision differences. Thanks to Daniel Black for the patch. (Bug #23280117, Bug #81399)

X Plugin Notes

  • X Plugin now handles expired SSL certificates correctly. (Bug #25835833)
  • The output of clauses such as GROUP BY and HAVING has been improved by moving the grouping_criteria expression to the derived query. (Bug #25549637, Bug #24497007)

Platform-Specific Notes

  • Linux: The generic Linux build for MySQL 5.7 is now built on Oracle Linux 6 using glibc 2.12. Systems that use the build need to have glibc 2.12 or later installed on them. (Bug #26005558)
  • Linux: The generic Linux build for MySQL 5.7 now supports Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) on its host system. Systems that use the build need to have libnuma installed on them. See Installing MySQL on Unix/Linux Using Generic Binaries for more details. (Bug #26005558)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Replication: The group_replication_transaction_size_limit variable was added to enable you to protect a group against large transactions causing a failure. (Bug #84785, Bug #25510757)
  • Replication: Group Replication now supports SQL transaction SAVEPOINT.
  • RPM .spec files now include support for running unit tests. (Bug #25814143, Bug #85743)
  • For Windows, MSI installer packages now include a check for the required Visual Studio redistributable package, and produce a message asking the user to install it if it is missing. (Bug #25658832)
  • The mysql client now supports a --binary-as-hex option that causes display of binary data using hexadecimal notation (0xvalue). Thanks to Daniël van Eeden for the patch. (Bug #25340722, Bug #84391)
  • The audit_log filter parser now produces errors for unexpected JSON elements in filter definitions. (Bug #24360663)
  • The libmysqld embedded server library is deprecated and will be removed in MySQL 8.0. These are also deprecated and will be removed:

    • The mysql_config --libmysqld-libs--embedded-libs, and --embedded options
    • The (undocumented) mysql --server-arg option
    • The mysqltest --embedded-server--server-arg, and --server-file options
    • The mysqltest_embedded and mysql_client_test_embedded test programs

How to Choose Best MySQL 5.7.19 Database Hosting Companies?

There are various MySQL Database hosting services that are provided free of cost. Although, it is essential to select the best and affordable MySQL Database hosting server in order to host the site. Finding a MySQL Database hosting company that has adequate space for web site now is essentially of course. Although, we should know that we have the chance to improvement and have extra space as our website grows and becomes famous. Bandwidth is an essential factor, if we go over the bandwidth, we would find that the website crashes and does not work properly. You need to make sure that you have adequate bandwidth for your website. We should also contemplate the number of domains that we may have. Therefore, we should choose a website that will provide multiple domains with our web hosting package.

There are various factors you have to seek for while selecting for the best and affordable MySQL Database hosting service. Figure out whether the company has FTP access abilities that assist you upload additional web pages as per requirement. You need to check the server speed. Find out whether the server is reliable and secure.


Features would vary relying on the package of hosting you have selected to avail of. How intuitive and user-friendly is the control panel? Does your hosting package include the e-commerce option (Shopping cart, SSL features)? Do the company support imap, email, pop3, auto responders and email forwarders? Are there MySQL abilities?

Pricing Concerns and Value for Money

Choosing an affordable hosting plan is more than only seeking for the lowest-priced offers. A full hosting package would be pondered, unless of course the basic hosting packages would do, and there should not be any hidden costs. Price is very important feature. One of the great advantages of MySQL Database hosting today is that users can be able to figure out some great affordable rates no matter the scope and size of our website. If you are confused to choose the best MySQL Database hosting company, then you don’t need to worry as ASPHostPortal  provides multiple features at cheapest cost.


If you are seeking to choose a best and affordable MySQL Database hosting service for your business, you should check the reliability. This feature is very important for your online business. You need to make sure that better uptime provides more chances of obtaining leads and potential ROI. Every time your site is down because of the hosting service problems, you may lose the reputation of your website as well as money. Therefore it is essential to choose a best and affordable MySQL Database hosting service provider that can offer you 99.9% uptime.

Customer Support

At some point, you may need some assistance from your hosting service provider. If you are running an online business, there are issues and questions that just cannot wait. Therefore, 24/7 customer support is very necessary to resolve the problem any time. There are various MySQL Database hosting companies out there. Selecting the best MySQL Database hosting company is a necessity if somebody wants to operate a website properly. – Why ASPHostPortal is best MySQL 5.7.19 Database hosting?

After reviewing various MySQL Database web hosts, we are glad to award as the Best MySQL Database Hosting  2017. There are large numbers of MySQL Database hosting providers available in the market. Before choosing MySQL Database hosting service for your website, you need to have a good knowledge about the various hosting services in order to choose the best and affordable MySQL Database hosting service for your site. Before you select a MySQL Database hosting company, you need to check out whether the MySQL Database hosting service lets you share your content of website across the world or not. It is essential to make use of an amazing and reliable web server to host your site.

For the latest cutting-edge technology, affordable rate, great technical support and reliable and fast hosting, is named as the best and affordable MySQL Database hosting service provider in today’ s market, after we have reviewed various popular web hosts based on the web hosting reviews from verified users. is one of the best MySQL Database hosting companies. ASPHostPortal is Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Spotlight Hosting Partner in United States. Microsoft presents this award to for the ability to support the latest Microsoft and ASP.NET technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2015, .NET 5/ASP.NET Core 2, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 6 and Visual Studio Lightswitch

We are going to introduce the reasons why ASPHostPortal is Best and affordable MySQL Database Hosting Company, including technical support, speed & reliability, web hosting plan features, the technology, and price. – Feature MySQL Database 5.7.19 Hosting

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Moreover, ASPHostPortal provides 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the ASPHostPortal service, you can request to get money back. This is not only an advertisement or term, but also helps your purchase be completely worry-free and risk-free.


The company has a professional and well experienced support team who response via email and ticketing system immediately. Any issue happening to the websites will obtain a professional and quick solution. Going with ASPHostPortal MySQL Database web hosting is completely a risk-free choice. In addition to amazing performance and features, ASPHostPortal also comes with reasonable price. Users are enabled to buy the ASPHostPortal MySQL Database service at only $2.50/month. Moreover, ASPHostPortal also provides 24×7 email supports and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. For any small, MySQL Database developer or personal business, we highly recommend choosing ASPHostPortal MySQL Database hosting company. ASPHostPortal is one of the best and affordable MySQL Database hosting providers in the market.

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