BestCloudHostingASP.NET | Best and affordable SilverStripe CMS hosting. SilverStripe is the intuitive content management system and flexible framework loved by editors and developers alike. Equip your web teams to achieve outstanding results. 

What is SilverStripe CMS?

SilverStripe is a modern open source programming framework and content management system (CMS) for creating and maintaining websites. It provides an intuitive web-based administration panel, allowing any person to maintain their website without knowledge of markup or programming languages.

SilverStripe CMS Features

Easy as pie

SilverStripe CMS provides content managers the control they need, without them needing to know HTML. Check out our demo for more insight.

Control in a snap

It’s so easy. The SiteTree shows the page hierarchy structure clearly and logically, allowing users to move pages and upload files using drag-and-drop.

Awesome Addons

Add extra functionality such as setting up an content approval workflows, publish or unpublish items on a particular date, or share content across multiple sites.

Workflow and security

Configure levels of access for editing different parts of your site, plan content in advance with draft and live versions of your site, and restore historic versions of a page when needed.


Let your content authors and website visitors use the language of their choice, including German, te reo Māori, and languages reliant on unicode such as Chinese and Arabic.

Search engine friendly

SilverStripe CMS ensures people and search engines can find your site easily. Authors have complete control over the page URL’s and can create custom meta data for pages, images and links.

Web software development kit

SilverStripe Framework lets you extend out-of-the-box capabilities with well-organised code. Create fields, page types, data structures and logic and make the CMS fit business needs.

Design flexibility

With the code tucked away from templates, website designers are free to use the HTML, CSS and Javascript they love to achieve the site’s desired user experience.

Best Cloud SilverStripe CMS Hosting Recommendation

After reviewed over 30+ Windows hosting companies, we will give you our SilverStripe CMS hosting recommendation. We found ASPHostPortal is the best solution for SilverStripe CMS hosting

Our review site is designed to be a trusted place for bloggers, individuals and web designers to find best web hosting solutions at an affordable price. We review each web host in our view points independently, and rate them based on their reliability, features, technical support level, prices and reputation in the industry.

Best Cloud Hosting for Joomla – ASPHostPortal was launched in 2008. They are one of the best Windows Hosting in United States is All of its Windows hosting services are 100% compatible with SilverStripe CMS.

The price of SilverStripe CMS hosting packages is quite competitive, especially the Host One which we may recommend most here. Going through this promotional link directly and you will get FREE DOMAIN or DOUBLE SQL SPACE, the Host One hosting package is $5.00/mo.

This company offers money back guarantee if any of the clients fail to get the desired results. If the company does not work up to the expectations in a certain month, and the valid refund period is 30 days. In addition, the customer service is based on US and the representatives are working 24/7.

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