What is ASP.NET Boilerplate?

In 2016, Microsoft announced ASP.NET Core 1.0 — a completely redesigned version of its hugely popular web framework — ASP.NET. The web developers can now use ASP.NET Core as an open source and cross-platform framework. They can even use the latest version of ASP.NET Core to build websites, web applications, and web services according to varied business requirements. They

.NET Core and .NET Standard: What Is the Difference?

The .NET Framework is used for building desktop applications and ASP.NET applications running on Internet Information Server (IIS). It was the first managed framework released. .NET Core .NET Core is a free, cross-platform, open source implementation of the managed framework. It supports four types of applications: console, ASP.NET Core, cloud, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF) are

What’s new in Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

What is Microsoft .Net Framework? The .Net framework is a software development platform developed by Microsoft. The framework was meant to create applications, which would run on the Windows Platform. The first version of the .Net framework was released in the year 2002. The .Net framework can be used to create both – Form-based and Web-based applications. Web services can also

Best New Features of Windows Server 2019

Best New Features of Windows Server 2019 To make hybrid integration more secure and easier to administer, Microsoft has introduced some new features in Server 2019. The new Windows Admin Center makes it possible to better manage Azure services from your on-premises environment. You can now deploy and manage Azure resources automatically from a central interface. In

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