How to change GridView column alignments for dynamic data source ?

By default ASP.NET GridView Columns has left alignment text. We can use GridView ItemStyle property with either of GridView BondField or Template Field to change the default alignments.GridView properties,ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign having few set of values, using  which we can change the alignments. Above customization is true when you are using Bound Field or Template Field for binding

Difference Between SQL And NoSQL

1. Relational vs. non-relational SQL databases are relational while NoSQL databases are non-relational. A relational database is a digital database based on the relational model of data. A non-relational database is not based on the traditional table structure that you may be used to. Instead, it is based on a more flexible model that can

8 Reasons to Migrate to WordPress

WordPress is trusted by millions of people and businesses all over the world. Over 65% of CMS websites use WordPress, whilst more than 40% of the entire internet is powered by this very popular open-source content management system. When migrating your website over to WordPress, you don’t have to undertake a complete re-design of your site. If

How To Choose The Best WooCommerce Theme For Your Store

WooCommerce holds the crown as the best eCommerce WordPress plugin around. It’s a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin that instantly transforms your WordPress website into an online store. However, not every WooCommerce theme is equal. In fact, simply installing the WooCommerce plugin on any old WordPress theme doesn’t create the ideal online store environment. A true online store provides

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