Best Cloud ASP.NET Hosting

If you are looking for the best ASP.NET hosting, you are in the right place. Here we discuss all about web hosting. How to find the right web hosting, best web hosting recommendations, and articles, tips and tricks about web hosting.

Tips to Master Best Code Practices in Node.JS

As one of the most popular open source platforms for developing server applications, Node.JS has a wider acceptance amongst the developers community largely for its lightning speed and diverse scalability have made it a preferred choice for conceiving complex developments, ever since it came into being in 2009. While enhanced focus on User Interface (UI)

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How to Install Git for Windows?

Introduction Hi guys, today let’s get to know how to install Git on Windows. Once its been installed, you can make many advancements to versions for all of your development activities and make effective storage of them on your Git space in order to eventually upgrade them for later on purposes. It’s an intelligent way

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Why You Should Use Entity Framework?

Should I Use Entity Framework? My answer is typically “No”. Now, “real” programmers often think I’m an idiot and database administrators typically cheer but there is much more nuance than either camp wants to admit so let’s talk briefly about what should go into this choice. First, if you say there is only one “right”

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