Authenticating Your WordPress Rest APIs

You won’t want just anybody to be able to access your endpoints if you’re building a single-page application within the admin area. Although the documentation is excellent, I wanted to provide a little “how-to” on this page. Thus, here’s how to guarantee the security of your endpoints. Pre-requisites You need to know how to create

What is New in Joomla 5?

The most recent iteration of this well-known content management system is Joomla 5. Brimming with new features and enhancements, its primary goal is to build on the success of Joomla 4.x while improving the user experience on the web as a whole. In summary, Joomla 5 aims to fulfill its promises of being Quick, All-inclusive,

How to Connect MySQL to SQL Server

To configure MySQL to SQL Server, you must create a link to the target instance of the SQL Server where you want to migrate the MySQL database or databases. The steps are straightforward but for the sake of explaining the technical terms that may likely be used during the configuration, the article will first talk about

How to Regenerate Prestashop htaccess Step by Step

Sometimes we need to generate or regenerate Prestashop htaccess for different reasons. For example, suppose you enable SSL on Prestashop, change the SEO & URLs settings, and regenerate the Prestashop htaccess file. Otherwise, your site may face a 404 error in Prestashop. If something is wrong with Prestashop default htaccess, your site or theme will not work correctly,

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