How to Fix WordPress 401 Error

Trying to access a website only to be met with a 401 error code? This could be happening on your own WordPress website or it could be happening on someone else’s site that you’re trying to visit. If your WordPress site is showing the 401 error code to other visitors, it’s important to fix the

How to Put WordPress Into Maintenance Mode

Whether you’re rebranding your website, trying to debug an error, or making an update to an existing page, you don’t want your visitors’ experience on the frontend to be disturbed. However, when you’re making changes to your website, that’s a very real possibility. That’s why you need to learn how to put WordPress into maintenance

Easy Way to Use SSL on Joomla Website

What type of SSL Certificate do you need? There are three different types of SSL Certificate: Shared SSL – it is a free certificate configured to work with shared IP. It may show a pop-up warning message when used. Dedicated SSL – it is a paid and private certificate. It will work with your domain only, and

How To Add A Document Viewer In Angular 10

In this article, we will learn how to create a document viewer in an Angular 10 application. We can show many different document formats in Angular applications. Create an Angular project by using the following command. ng new Timepicker Open this project in Visual Studio Code and install Bootstrap by using the following command. npm install bootstrap –save Now open

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