Blog and Vlog are the same things at basic. Blogging means who writes content or articles on a blog or site. Meanwhile, Vlog means video blogging. You have to make a conceptual video on a particular topic and publish it on online media sites like YouTube or Facebook to get money by gathering traffic. Read how to grow blog traffic quickly?

Simply, Blogging is the way of writing a post, content, or article for a blog that is entirely text-based. And when you have to create a video to explain that specific topic is called Vlog. A vlog can be a mixture of video and text for giving a better understanding to its viewers.

Definition of Blog and Vlog

A blog is a shortening of “Web log.” It is an informational online journal or website which displays information in a structural order. In this platform, individuals or a group of writers share their views on several specific topics.

Whereas, a video blog or video log is called Vlog at short. It is a form of the blog, including video medium as like web television, which comes with supporting text, images, and other metadata. A vlog can be a mixture of many individual topics or problem solutions.

How to Make a Blog?

First things about being a blogger, you need a blogging platform and a domain. WordPress is one of the most growing website builders. You can start building a site through WordPress. Read the importance of a blogging mindset before starting.

How To Make A Blog

A good theme gives your blog a structured look. It allows you to make a blog and look as you want. You can choose your preferred theme for your WordPress site from Themeforest. After gathering all assets for building a blog site like domain, blog hosting, WordPress, and themes, you need to customize your website.

For running a WordPress site, plugin plays an important and essential role. You don’t need to know any programming knowledge to operate these plugins. Plugins make things easier while creating a blog or post for your WordPress site.

How to make a Vlog?

Before doing anything, you need to gather knowledge about how others are doing it. First of all, take a look at your favorite vloggers. Watch their vlogs and analyze their details. How they start, how they approach in front of the camera. Note down this thing and try to make your vlogging style.

Creating a channel on a medium of web television like YouTube is the first physical initiative of making a vlog.

Take paper and pen to write down your video topic. Think relevantly on how you make your Vlog informative and enjoyable to viewers. Take ideas from other vloggers. Once you have your topic and instructions, you are ready to rock.

Filming a blog is more crucial when you think more about it. Be relaxed and shoot it smoothly. Try to give a better image quality, make your surroundings to get a topic related look. After shooting, edit your video for providing better sound quality, add texts or images where needed.

Difference Between Blog and Vlog

You can open a blog for sharing your thoughts and experiences with others, and we called it a personal blog. An own blog is a growing type of blog. Others are business blogs, niche blogs, and affiliate blogs.

On the other side, vlogging is a versatile platform to share your thoughts and skills with others. Music, gaming, product reviews, comedy, health and fitness, fashion, education, lifestyle, and much more are included in its types. You can choose your catchable.

Before Blogging, you need to be skilled at writing structurally and fast typing. You have a chance to expand networking opportunities through Blogging. In the meantime, you need a camera, video editing skills, friendly gesture, and much more for being a vlogger.

Each of these depends on your skills and effort. Nowadays, being a vlogger is more comfortable instead of being a blogger.

Final words  of Blog Vs. Vlog

Want to be a blogger or a vlogger?. It’s not a big deal. It would be best if you kept patience in your work to get better feedback after several times. Do not work for money, work from your mind to make it perfect. The money will come automatically to your working quality.

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