Hi guys, today let’s get to know how to install Git on Windows. Once its been installed, you can make many advancements to versions for all of your development activities and make effective storage of them on your Git space in order to eventually upgrade them for later on purposes. It’s an intelligent way of keeping all the important versions of your developed project works of all the team members.
1. Open Google and type ‘download git for windows’.
2. Select the 2nd link and open in new tab.
3. Select the latest version and start downloading.
4. Choose 64 bit as my laptop version is 64 bit and click for download.
5. Just select in Quick Launch on the Desktop and install it by selecting ….Next…Next.
6. Deselect the Release Notes and select Git Bash to Finish.

7. Check the version by running the below command:
Git –version
8. Run Git help config in order to open the Manual page
Provides the Commands with Syntaxes
Another command: Git Config –help
9. Make the directory and switch over to the directory.
10. Git init
For initializing it and checking the path
11. Create a file with some content in the test path and check the status.
Git status
12. Add 2 documents and run the below commands for a better understanding.
I could only add a .txt file but couldn’t add a .docx file!
13. Git is successfully linked to the Git hub.
14. Create a New Repository by logging in.