How to Explore Website Traffic?

You have a website, and would like to know how many people actually view it on a regular basis. Perhaps you’re trying to win new fans or customers, or maybe you’re just really curious about how popular your content is. Whatever the reason, to track traffic on your website there are few necessary steps that you have to take – some more technical than others. Read on to find out how to check the traffic on your website.

Alexa is the most popular way to measure website traffic from outside. Despite the fact, most people think it is inaccurate, the info provided by Alexa is widely used to make judgments about the site popularity. Alexa traffic is measured in percentage, i.e. “how many unique users visited the site compared to overall Internet users measured by Alexa.” A few most useful features include:

  • The option to compare traffic graphs of up to 5 domains;
  • Change-range option (1 week, 1 month, 3 and 6 months).

It also compares up to 5 websites. Apart from monthly traffic stats (“people counts”), the site provides some interesting stats to look into and compare:

  • people’s “attention” (the time spent on site compared to overall time spent in the Internet by US people);
  • average stay (average time spent on site by one person – in minutes);
  • number of pages per one visit;
  • velocity = the average change in daily attention.

Google Trends

Their new “Websites” feature allows to compare traffic sources over different periods of time (e.g. past month, past year, in a given month/ yeah) on different territories (countries, states, cities). Besides, the tool will also show you “related” search queries and websites.

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