Linux is considered to be the No.1 platform due to its easy maintainability and cost-effectiveness. Here there PostgreSQL, MySQL, databases, and OS license are absolutely free. The community of Linux hosting services is offering effective and amazing photo-gallery, forum, eCommerce, content management and MySQL for blog on PHP platform for so many years. These are the best choices especially when the non-technical personnel is creating a website. As a global review site, we think that Linux hosted sites are 30% cheaper than Windows OS. The labor costing also gets diminished after investing in Linux web hosting. On the other hand when you are engaged with Microsoft technology then Linux hosting solutions are considered to be the best solutions for you!

You might want to choose your preferred distro or control panel. You could need more control over the server and its components. Hosts may throw in all kinds of goodies to get you started – a firewall, mail server, private DNS – and offer quality support to keep your site up and running. Every web host has its own idea of what makes a great Linux package, but we’ve listed ten of our favorite providers to point you in the right direction. Keep reading to find out more. 

ASPHostPortal is designed to deliver professional Linux web hosting services to individuals and small businesses. Over the past 10 years, ASPHostPortal has convinced customers all over the world with fast and reliable Linux hosting services. At present, over 3 million domains are hosted with ASPHostPortal shared web hosting plan charged only $2.50/mo.

The purchase with is safe and secure. Unlike most other web hosts that only accept payment via credit cards, ASPHostPortal also allows PayPal to make sure customers are not risking their money in the purchase. In addition, ANYTIME money back is guaranteed in case any dissatisfaction happens. ASPHostPortal Linux shared hosting is worth customers’ weight in gold.


Linux hosting is available from just about everyone, but anything less than a dedicated server is often fully managed by the provider (they set up, manage and maintain the OS and all its components for you). That’s great for beginners, but more experienced users might be frustrated by the lack of features and control.

Hostwinds’ unmanaged VPS packages allow you to take complete charge of your workspace. You can choose from a range of operating systems, including CentOS, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian, and Fedora. You can tweak and set up the operating system however you like, configure your own backup scheme and more.

Unmanaged packages bring responsibilities, too. If there’s a missing update or some mystery software issue, you’ll be the one who has to fix it. But that shouldn’t be too intimidating for Linux users, and many elements of Hostwinds’ packages remain simple and easy-to-use (site management via cPanel, automated WordPress and other installs via Softaculous, and so on).

Even better, as you’re not paying for management, Hostwinds gives you a 50% discount on every package. Normal managed Linux VPS packages range from $9.99 (£7.14) for 1 CPU core, 512MB RAM, 25GB disk space, 1TB traffic, up to $551.99 (£422) for 16 cores, 64GB RAM, 500GB disk space, 9TB traffic – but the unmanaged range runs from $4.99 (£3.60) to $331.19 (£253.65). There’s no long-term contract required, so you can try the service for as little as a month to see if it works for you.


HostForLIFE was founded in 2008 and since then they have grown into one of the largest web hosting companies in the Europe Continent. HostForLIFE is operated from their registered office based in Manchester and the data center in Amsterdam and the newest London data center. With HostForLIFE, you will find low cost, yet reliable Linux hosting service. Today they host millions of websites across their infrastructure. From entry-level Shared Hosting packages all the way up to Private Clusters. Not only HostForLIFEASP.NET also offers Windows hosting solution. They also become Microsoft No #1 Recommended Windows and ASP.NET Hosting in European Continent.

HostForLIFE is a trusted European web hosting provider. In short, good honest value, reliable servers and fantastic technical support are the main goals of their service. Focused on providing outstanding levels of reliability, performance, and affordability in the UK web hosting industry, they are determined to maintain the best possible quality of service and cheapest possible prices for their customers. is one of the best hosting companies that offer Linux shared hosting. They promise to deliver high-quality products at very affordable prices and provide best services in the process. is the largest hosting provider for secure websites. You get access to the basic items in the starter package. You have to pay for each and everything you avail.’s Linux shared hosting plan supports almost all programming languages like CGI (Python and Ruby), PERL, PHP 4&5, MySQL databases and many more to go with. Many unlimited add-ons are available in the packages provided like unlimited hosted domain, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email account, and unlimited email alias to make it a perfect and reliable choice for a customer.


UKWindowsHostASP.NET has been providing web hosting solutions to thousands of business and websites since 2008. It gives you unlimited hosted domain, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email account, and unlimited email alias. UKWindowsHostASP.NET gives you 30 days money back guarantee if your problem will not be resolved without asking you any questions. It’s very easy to use and reliable to trust upon for your business. Every month they launch services to get feedback from customers and make themselves a better choice for customers. They also give you an eco-friendly website to work upon and be helpful towards mother earth.


MDD is a boutique (read: small), the private hosting company founded fairly recently in 2007. Their claims to fame? Speed and service. The ‘meat and potatoes’ of web hosting. Their straightforward, no-BS approach seems refreshingly honest in an industry that can be, well, less so.

It also reflects their down-to-earth, Mid-Western roots (started and headquartered in Indiana, with data centers in Denver, Colorado.). We’re always on the lookout for the diamond in the rough; new hosting companies that offer a different or better approach than the old industry stalwarts. MDD looks like a perfect candidate.

MDD provides standard 24/7/365 customer support through phone, email, and ticketing system. No live chat as of now. No hidden fees. No pricing tricks where you have to sign away the next 35 years of your life for the low advertised website price. And no games with limiting standard features to only the more expensive plans. Sure, there is some space and storage limitation for lesser plans. But otherwise, you get all of the same features that the more expensive ones offer.


FastComet is headquartered in San Francisco, but they feature a worldwide customer base of 45,000+ across 83 countries. That diverse customer base is supported by their eight server locations in major cities like Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Tokyo. Being private means there are only a few dozen people in the organization, whose actual names and faces appear on their site. (We’ll get into why that matters in a second.)

FastComet might be small in comparison to other hosting companies, but that can also work as an advantage. For starters, the team has been around the block a time or two. The public cloud hosting side of the business has officially been around since only 2013. But before that, the founding team had been in the hosting business for over nine years. They worked almost exclusively on System Admin for business clients (read: big, complex, expensive). So if they can take care of that, scaling down shouldn’t be a problem.

Moving to a new hosting company sucks. Seriously. It’s super disruptive, forcing you to take down a seemingly-good site. It’s also time-consuming and technically problematic. So the last thing you want to do is be forced to move your host again because you’re unhappy with the one you chose (but are now locked into a long-term, prepaid deal). Fortunately, FastComet will give you a full 45 days to get your money back. That means you can try out their service, or even spin up a test site like we did, and have over a month to vet them.


HostMetro was recently founded in 2012 to specialize in offering only shared hosting. They’re also one of the only web hosts with a ‘guaranteed price lock’, so your pricing doesn’t jump 200% when it’s time to renew. In addition, they boast 99.9% uptime to round out a decent array of offerings for budget-conscious customers.

Web Hosting Pad

WebHostingPad is cheap. Like under two bucks cheap. Founded in 2005 by a small group of individuals, it has grown steadily now for over a decade on the back of low prices. Their support staff connected instantly, and they got back to us within about a minute after each question. In addition, each answer was well informed (so it seems like they know what they’re doing over there).

WebHostingPad has a rock-solid, 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t find their services reliable. Typically, the cheapest options available are also limited when it comes to the ‘extra’ stuff like security options. Fortunately, WebHostingPad isn’t, throwing in Automated Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine for their WordPress hosting plans.

A Small Orange

A Small Orange was acquired in 2012 by Endurance International Group (EIG), the same conglomerate behind the more popular (and straight-forwardly named) Bluehost and HostGator. That might be a warning sign for a company whose tagline is ‘homegrown hosting’. However, unlike those two more notable brands, A Small Orange seems to have not lost their straightforward approach.

Originally launched back in 2003 by Tim Dorr, A Small Orange now have two server locations in Dallas, Texas, and Dearborn, Michigan. A Small Orange, despite their small status and whimsical name, has been at this for awhile. And the data proves they know what they’re doing.

Getting your website featured on a major publication can unleash a flood of traffic within just a few minutes. That exposure is amazing. That is until your site crashes.  A positive side effect of their honest approach is that there’s no ‘hidden’ agenda or language to mislead you. For example, most web hosts make hyperbolic claims like ‘unlimited hosting’. But most, don’t actually deliver unlimited benefits.

A Small Orange doesn’t do that. They spell out, in plain English, what you’re going to get for your money. In addition, each plan on their site provides all of their premium features (with the exception of their ‘Tiny Plan’), including unlimited email, 24/7 U.S. based support, SSD servers and unlimited domain names.

Why You Should Use Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux Shared Hosting – Stability

Linux systems are well known for their ability to run for years without failure; in fact, many Linux users have never seen a crash. That’s great for users of every kind, but it’s particularly valuable for small and medium-sized businesses, for which downtime can have disastrous consequences.

Linux Shared Hosting – Security

Linux gets attacked less frequently by viruses and malware, and vulnerabilities tend to be found and fixed more quickly by its legions of developers and users. Even the six-year-old kernel bug that was recently fixed, for instance–an extremely rare instance in the Linux world–had never been exploited.

Linux Shared Hosting – Hardware

Linux is slim, trim, flexible and scalable, and it performs admirably on just about any computer, regardless of processor or machine architecture. Linux can also be easily reconfigured to include only the services needed for your business’s purposes, thus further reducing memory requirements, improving performance and keeping things even simpler.

Linux Shared Hosting – Freedom

With Linux, there is no commercial vendor trying to lock you into certain products or protocols. Instead, you’re free to mix and match and choose what works best for your business. If you’re looking for a Linux distribution to run on your business’s servers, you’d do well to consider CentOS.

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