ASP. NET is one of the most effective and powerful web application development framework created by Microsoft. Asp.Net core is seen as a game-changer which helps the developers to create fast and high performing web applications with innovative features. Earlier, ASP.NET MVC was the most popular among the web development tools of Microsoft. But with the changes in trend, the demand for core has increased in recent times making it one of the best framework to work on.

Why use ASP .NET Core?

Millions of web application have been developed till day using ASP.NET technology. ASP.NET Core is a remodel of ASP.NET with some advanced features. It is open-source with cross-platform support which also includes Command Like Application (CLI). Asp.Net core successfully supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Let’s discuss a few advantages of Asp.Net Core technology and why it is in demand:-

Advantages of Asp.Net Core

ASP.NET Core is free 

ASP.NET Core is an open-source platform which is available free of cost. You can get some very good tools for free or you can use any other open-source IDE. If you are not a professional developer, then the free versions of the tools will be more then sufficient for you.

Microsoft has developed a new C# compiler named as Roslyn which is also open-source. It makes it very easy to integrate C# with any editor. You can use any database with any 3rd party IDE. The sole aim of Microsoft is to provide better tools. Earlier, it was essential that your apps had to be hosted on servers running Windows, but this is not the case now. Now, you can write apps for Linux as well.


One of the best advantages of core is – its fast and reliable performance. Dot NET Core is extremely fast, definitely faster than any other frameworks like Node.js, PHP or most of the java frameworks.

Whenever you compile code, it automatically gets optimized to speed up the performance. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to change your code again. You can simply recompile it and ASP.Net Core will optimize the code directly.

If we talk about its speed, according to the recent searches and studies, ASP.Net Core performs 900 times faster then previous technology.

Well designed Language

C# is one of the most beautifully designed languages. It’s much more modern than Java or PHP and does not have design flaws like JavaScript and is strongly typed unlike Python and multi-purpose, unlike Ruby. If you want, you can use F# for some part or even an entire application where functional programming is more suitable. C# and F# are 100% compatible, which means you can use C# libraries in F# and vice versa.

Moreover, these codes that you write are reusable. since you write in a C# and .NET framework, you can reuse the code in other windows, windows phone, xamarin, Xbox, IoT or even Linux applications Isn’t that amazing!


With libraries like WebApi, SignalR, OData, EntityFramework, and language features like Linq, you can get such high productivity, those java developers can only dream of. All the Microsoft money and experience has been utilized here. Take advantage of it!

Easy to Maintain

It is simply an understandable logic that lesser codes are much easier to maintain than the complexed ones. It might not be easy for a new developer to understand this pattern but a veteran developer surely know how to optimize the entire code in ASP.NET Code which takes lesser statements. It doesn’t mean that it takes only takes the lesser amount of code in the development of a web application however it is pretty easier to manage and maintain it. It also improves the quality of Microsoft app development.

Cross-Platform Support

When it comes to web application development, it is very important to make sure that the application supports all of the platforms. The advanced ASP.NET Core has this quintessential feature of cross-platform support which means it will let you create web applications which can run easily on Windows, Linux, and Mac. the entire backend uses C# code and will not be tough for a new developer to understand it. For instance, using xamarin technology, a developer can easily create an iOS app and can further utilize the same code for creating an android app as well. All you will need to hire an expert dot net developer who is well acquainted with the cross-platform feature.

Supports Cloud-Based Development

It is always advised to develop cloud-based applications. ASP.Net Core provides great support for cloud-based development of applications. Whether it is a large enterprise or small, core offers the development of several types of web applications, Mobile backend, IoT apps, etc.

Bottom Line

Asp.Net Core is indeed the best solution for any kind of enterprise business needs. It can create amazing web applications for your business. It is developed as multi-platform that can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac by handling many requests each time. It’s of modular design, updated programming model and productivity improvements are certain to make it popular with developers. Overall, we can say it is good to see Microsoft re-inventing its product with the future in mind.

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