Are you a blogger? Or the website owner? Whether for business or personal needs, of course you will not be separated from the need to create content, in this case in the form of writing articles. Well, because of the many content writers, it could be that your writing has similarities with other articles. So you really need to check for plagiarism or check whether your writing is plagiarized or not.

Well, you can do a plagiarism check so that your content/writing is free of plagiarism with actually easy steps. For those of you CMS WordPress users, for example, you can directly use the plagiarism check plugin to find out whether your article is plagiarized or not before you publish it.

Why is original or plagiarism-free articles important? Because this is one of the assessments made by search engines such as Google. When your article is plagiarism free, then high quality. Then the search engines will recommend to their users. This will be very profitable. In addition, being free of plagiarism also makes your website or blog professional.

What else for those of you who use the services of a writer. You really need to make sure what they write is not plagiarism. This is to avoid your bad reputation. Especially if you pay for services or hire employees for a company. Original writing is an important key, which will be the hallmark of your company.

Well, for you to find out whether the content of the article you created or the author you created is really original, you can use the help of the website to check for plagiarism. There are many websites that provide these tols. But on this occasion, there are 5 best websites to check article content plagiarism. Here’s the review:

1. Check Plagiarism With Plagiarism

The first is Plagiarism, you can check whether your article is original or free of plagiarism online very easily using this website-based Plagiarism tool. You can check in the form of a finished file, so there is no need to rewrite / copy paste to this website to check.

Document formats that you can check for plagiarism include: DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTML, RTF, PPTX, XLS, PDF, and others. Well, for those of you who have uploaded your writing, then you can check your writing by entering the URL link of your article. In addition, if you have uploaded a document, you can also check your document in the same way.

For those of you who write for many languages, don’t worry, because Plagiarisma can check plagiarism for various languages. More interestingly, this application is also capable of checking grammar and an article rewriter feature for English documents.

You can directly use in web form or download this application. You can download plagiarism to software-based devices for Windows 7 and above, then for Android-based mobile needs, and various other supporting devices.

2. DupliChecker

Next, you can check online plagiarism using DupliChecker. This is a solution for those of you who want a free plagiarism check. You can use DupliCheker for free, and without the need for registration. This is what makes this tols so much in demand, because it is easy and can be used in full.

DupliChecker has also been nicknamed the ‘all in one’ tool for plagiarism, because it is very complete with the features they offer. One of the best-selling features of DupliCheker apart from checking plagiarism is checking grammar, checking paraphrasing tools, reverse image search to its ability to perform website management tools.

In addition, DupliChecker also has SEO tools such as keyword research, domain authority checker, SEO backlink tools, and various facilities that will make it easier for you to manage your website to be SEO friendly. And all of this you can use for free.

3. Check Plagiarism With Quetext

Now for those of you who don’t like the hassle of checking for plagiarism, then you really have to use what is called Quoetext. This plagiarism checking website offers various interesting functions with a simple website display, so you will be very easy to use.

Although simple, Quetext provides a complete and accurate plagiarism checking service. The added value of this website is how users can easily check their needs, even for beginners and those who are new to this application, it will be very easy to use.

In addition, checking can be done for free, but Quetext is still limited to checking only 500 words. This is a problem if you have articles with long words. The solution breaks into two parts.

If you really need to check the full article, then you can use the paid version. With this paid version, you can check plagiarism with up to 100,000 words, equivalent to 200 pages of documents. All of course adapt to your needs.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is already very well known as a website that is able to check grammar in English. But apparently, not only can you check grammar, you can also use Grammarly to find out whether your article is plagiarized or not.

The existence of Grammarly which has a very complete and accurate database to check, be it grammar or plagiarism. Making Grammaly one of the many plagiarism checking service providers that are selling well. Not even only by blog article content creators.

Because of its ability to provide accuracy, you need to register first before using Grammarly. And the good news is that Grammarly’s plagiarism checking feature is not limited to English documents. So those of you who write in other languages ​​such as Indonesian can use this service.

5. Copyscape

Lastly is Copyscape! This plagiarism checker offers an online plagiarism checker service. Copyscape is different from the others, because you can check based on the URL of your website page. For example, you are the owner of a business website or online store website that already has many articles on the blog, you can check directly which ones are plagiarism and which are not.

In addition, the site is the right solution to prevent plagiarism / theft of content from a website. Because there are often irresponsible people who steal other people’s writings or articles.

To use Copyscape is very easy. You just need to enter the URL of the content you want to check. Then you just need to wait a while, the site will check the level of similarity of the content in the URL. The good news is that you can use it for free.

Thus the discussion this time about the best websites to check plagiarism of content and articles. Hopefully, by knowing the website, your content or articles will be even better. Also you can check regularly, in case someone is duplicating your article.

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